Arthrons can melee-attack crates through walls

Could not get a good screenshot, sorry.

A crate was at the inside edge of a building with full walls (the kind of walls that can get destroyed by explosions). An Arthron just attacked a crate with his Pincer arm through that wall, as if it was not there (crate was damaged, wall was unaffected by the attack).

the in-game bug reporter, accessed through F12, automatically takes a screenshot. You can also draw on the screenshot if you want to highlight something

they can even shoot grenades OVER the wall in the tunnels which we can never do.

Agree with everyone :

  • Crabmen can do their 1 AP pincer attach through walls.
  • Crabmen AND CHIRONS ignore caves ceiling, lobbing smeg on our faces. And we can’t riposte in the same way, 'cause there is… a ceiling.

Same rules for everybody, plz. Even the hard ones.

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