Armor Piercing weapons

How does AP really work? Do the weapons with it destroy armor according to their value or do those weapons ignore the armor?

A weapon with 10AP will ignore 10 armor on every projectile.

Ah, ok.

I wondered, how that works: For example I looked at the “Neural Pistol”. It deals 10 damage and has 50 AP.
So it means, that it ignores 50 armor and makes 10 damaga points. Ok.

Who wants to use a weapon that does only 10 damage?!

You don’t want to kill the target. You want to paralyze it.

The Hera Neural Pistol is not for killing. It applies 5 paralysis.
Paralysis only works if damage is applied.

Ah, so it`s a “stun” weapon to capture the alien?

Exactly, so is the athena sniper

Weapons with the Shred/Shredding attribute are the ones that destroy armor.

Paralyzing weapons can be used not only to capture the aliens, but also to reduce enemy action points on the battlefield. If their abilities require 2 or 3 AP and they have less, they can’t use them.

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