[How To] Guide for providing constructive, helpful feedback

Dear users, fellow Phoenix Point enthusiasts,

since I am now a moderator on these forums, however not an employee of Snapshot Games, I thought it a good idea to give you all a quick guide on how best to provide feedback in order to make it as easy as possible for the game devs to absorb and apply it for future builds.

Even though for some of you this might be counter-intuitive, please do not put all your diverse feedback into one mega-post or one mega-thread: instead, please feel free and encouraged to create a new thread for each new area/topic of the Backer Build that you want to provide feedback on.

Before you do this however, please briefly check the forums to see if there has been a thread with this exact suggestion already; if so, feel free and encouraged to add to this thread instead of creating what would basically be a duplicate.

When creating your feedback threads, it would be extremely helpful to anyone who needs to go through all the provided feedback if you could follow a simple mask:

Thread Title: [Backer Build 1] Brief summary of what your feedback is about

Body: Your extended feedback on the topic announced in the thread title; you may upload screenshots or link to gameplay footage you might have recorded, whatever you think would be helpful to give an intuitive impression of what you are giving feedback on and how you think it could be improved/why you think it should be improved.

Thank you for your consideration, and remember: providing constructive feedback and being helpful on these forums ultimately means a better game for all of us! :tophat: