Any way to to slow down the game?

i enjoy playing the game, but even at rookie, the game “runs away from me”, i need an easier experience. Are there any files that i can edit, to make the game “slow down”, so i have more time to enjoy it, rather than a race to catch up.

I can’t answer your question sorry. If I pollute anyway it’s because I think it’s a lot a problem of pace.

So some comments about it:

  • Ignore the global timer (doomsday countdown) it is insignificant for difficulty scaling and insignificant as a limit and lost a campaign, it is more symbolic and psychological, even at Legendary, a lot more at Easy.
  • Don’t bother defend all Havens, not only it’s impossible but it’s not playing well to focus on it.
  • Don’t try rush anything. Your soldiers are inured or exhausted take time heal them at base. You need do a recruit then do it and it’s not an Haven lost that will make you lost nor even 30.
  • Factions war, I doubt it can end with a complete erase of a faction, if it seems so it’s probably more because you didn’t revealed all areas/all havens. They are a burst but they stop, there’s at worse 3 phases like that, not chained.
  • To avoid Aliens harassment destroy nest/lair/citadel.
  • Training Centers are part of the game, use them, not point to try make a big battle with rookies.
  • Don’t race, it seems race tend rush the scale up, at reverse take your time in everything, don’t bother optimize time it is irrelevant.
  • No need rush anything nor even main story or factions relationship.
  • Play at Easy, there’s disadvantage but overall it should allow make easier and provide a lot more time. It’s a good psychological help to see doowsday counter, stagnate during long period, regress a bit, progress overall very very slowly. Easy also lowdown the equipment management, it makes harder to recruit but at end easier than recruit an equip.
  • Finally a major tips to buy more comfort, get a second plane and do everything with 2 planes, team of 8 or team of 5 and vehicle.

A slower paced campaign is the aim I’m trying to achieve by making a first beta mod.
I can’t really say if it will be easier or harder (hope it will be just gameplay balanced).
So, yes there are some things which are moddable in that regard.

If you just want an overall easier campaign there should be a % value regarding difficulty.
Not sure how this value works and what it actually affects though.
If you want I can do a file so you can test it and see if you notice differences.
Let me know.

I like this idea, particularly for game difficulty. My latest game has far too many lairs and haven defenses. They’ve gotten tedious. That’s a recipe for me to switch games.

the % values aren’t really affected by difficulty.
basically we have a “DifficultyRating” field with these vanilla values:
rookie: 0
veteran: 0.15
hero: 0.3
legend: 0.5

my guess is that they could be global % modifiers affecting many things (as they could affect just some or even soemthing useless).

if you tell me what difficutly level you’re gonna try I can send you a file with modded values or you can ask me the value you want

Also, I can make the mist being slower into Geoscape if you want.
There are others things but I’m still working on them, it’s too early now to speak seriously about modding (for me at least)