Any way to look at soldier details / type before recruiting

You get a name and how much to hire etc. But can you look at type and stats and equipment somehow ?

Just realised by looking carefully that you can get the type of trooper with the little symbol in the corner (Damn these old eyes lol)
Still rest stands

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There’s a mod for that.

Equipment is always the same more or less, I believe they come with the most advanced version of whatever the faction offers for the class at the time of recruitment on the lower two difficulty settings. Mutations seem random to me, but I don’t recruit mutants so wouldn’t know for sure.

Thanks for the reply

Look at recruit prices thech/build to get hint on equipment difference. The higher the price for tech/build, the better the equipment. (this tips is more effective for Easy, but should apply too at Normal, and in fact it applies too at Legend for Tech).

For the class, yes the icon but if you read the tooltips you’ll see that second part quote the class too, it’s not the same generic description for all classes. Yeah weak UI design of the tooltips.

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I believe it could be very useful to preview Disciples’ mutations. Just think about my joy when I randomly recruited a priest with frenzy-instilling head and stomping legs, and then my disappointment when I found a plain simple assault…

There is a topic on canny about that. You should vote for that if you didn’t.