Any ETA on Backer Build 3?

Just really looking forward to it with all the new bells and whistles you seem to be adding. Thanks

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This question has already been asked and answered multiple times on this forum. Please use the search function before posting.

In answer to your question, Backer Build Three is expected in early November.

Thanks, and apologies, will do in the future.

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No problem - it just makes it harder for people to spot other things if the forum page is just the same question listed multiple times. No harm done.

Is there a list anywhere of what will be in the new backer build?

We haven’t announced explicitly what will be in Backer Build Three, as it is subject to change between now and release.

However, we do have a public development roadmap where you can see what we are currently working on here:

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Give us a counter on the page! :smiley:

We won’t give a countdown or exact dates because if there are any technical issues that cause a delay, even by a few hours to a day, we have to deal with hundreds of emails complaining about it :smiley:

Make a disclaimer above it - that mutants can slow down the timer. :wink: :star_struck::sunglasses::rofl::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless: Ok then.

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It might sound like a joke - but if we say the build will start to go out at 00:00 on a certain day, our inbox will start to fill up at 00:01 from people reporting that their downloads are missing.

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Those damn people, probably Children of the Black Tide… OK. I understand you. Well nevertheless… Good luck with testing.

No joke here. Worked customer service for some time, even if not video game-y, and saw this so so many times. If I sent a physical letter by 10 PM, people would demand to have it received next day, 8 AM, even if it had to cross the country. E-mails? As soon as I said “sending now…”, the answer would be “how haven’t I received yet?? I demand to speak to the manager!!!.. oh wait… received it now… this took too long, how is it possible!!! Bla bla bla!!!”


I’ll never forget working helpdesks, you got some really irrational/dumb calls sometimes, but one that always sticks with in terms of unreasonableness was where a guy once started kicking off because the our IT department had replaced his 19" CRT Monitor with one that was only 17" (at the time 15" was the standard, and they got the 17" to him within the hour). Turned out that the 19" wasn’t even a company issue monitor, he’d brought his own in from home and then expected it to be replaced with a company equivalent when it broke…

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Let’s not dwell too much on helpdesks and the f*cking irrational demands, I have waaaaayyyyy too many stories about that, and just remembering them makes me grit my teeth

That’s optimistic. It will start to fill a few hours earlier because there’s bound to be a few entitled gamers of questionable intelligence that will contact you forgetting they live in a timezone ahead :slight_smile:

Can confirm video game customer service isn’t any better, at least it wasn’t a few years ago and, if anything, the sense of entitlement among gamers has grown since so it’s probably worse. That said, you get both extremes, with utter piss-pots that will annoy you till judgement day just to try to get what they want, and real fans/younger gamers/grateful parents that will sing your praise just because you helped them with something trivial. I’d argue that the grateful group was more pronounced when I worked in gaming than in other sectors I’ve worked for.