Er, hello - new here

I guess it’s too early to have a topic/category space for new starters, newbies etc. But to fellow newbs / noobs - Hello!. And hello to the veterans here too. :grinning:
Looking forward to the Nov release btw.


I’m new too! I just bought it through Xsolla and I received the receipt.
Did you receive anything else?
Like a way to “login” somehow?
Or is the forum all there exists right now?

The receipt is your proof of purchase. Your transaction will now be in the Xsolla database with your email address and Xsolla transaction ID. Should you have any concerns with your transaction, you can contact Xsolla and provide them with the ID number.

You will be contacted closer to release to confirm which platform key you require.

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there is also a dedicated server on Discord,

Hi guy’s, I’m new, just bought it today, played a hour of the backers build and loved it. So looking forward to the many PP day’s ahead. My usual reaction to games is ‘oh! another one just like the other one’ but PP has really got my attention. At last, a game you can get your teeth into. A trip back in time to a time when games were magic and exciting.

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Greetings Operative

ok- so we are in early Nov. No news yet about the next release…

We have 25 more days to wait impatiently :wink:

What else do you need? Early Nov. (for me) is the first 2 weeks of Nov, which is still ahead of us (unless you live in a really weird timezone).

That’s the funny thing with vague definitions, I’d personally limit “early” to the first week, first 10 days at most. That said, I won’t really start hassling UnstableVoltage to get exact dates. While I do expect this BB to be significantly more fleshed out than the previous ones, I doubt it will keep me busy until the final release so it doesn’t really matter if I get it tomorrow or in 10 days.


Greetings Operative

greetings from italy!

Sorry i came by so late, with backer 3 i had the need to give my 50 cents to help where i can.
I got kinda addicted to x-com and now phoenix point, can’t wait to blast some more aliens and gear up some crazy gear!

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