All archaeological probes cancelling at once [solved]

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a bug or just how things are supposed to work. Anyway, I spent some time figuring out where to launch the new archaeological probes that I already had built two by the time I found the button.

I proceeded to launch both of them in different directions and then began doing missions while waiting for results. Once the first site was found, both of my probes vanished (stopped scanning). Is this somehow intended or should the other one still continue scanning. The scan areas were not overlapping at all, if that matters. Maybe it happened because I launched both at the same time while the game was paused, so they had the same scan start time?

I just don’t think that spending materials for several probes should result in only one of them actually doing their job.

It is intended, when the probes do the job (finding ancient sites in the area) they stop

You need many probes over the planet, but every new Arch. lab reduces the cost 30%

When one of them finds a site, all probes stop scanning? Why on earth?

I didn’t mean that, the probes work very fast, and many times you don’t get sites in that area

Ah, is it the case then that they always fully scan, and only then give you the results? That would explain my confusion. I thought there’s a chance to find something per hour passed, or something. But if both scans completed at the same time and only 1 out of 2 found anything, I concur there is no bug. Just once again pretty obscure mechanics, until you figure it out and then proceed with that knowledge.

It is automatic : the site is fixed in one location, is there or it is not, not depending of time or more probes for the same area

UI needs a major change and improvement, I posted my feedback and I hope that snapshot will change it, next update,
I will continue pointing that.

Okay, seems clear once it’s explained. The game should do the explaining of course, either by research info text or just via the UI. But at least I can go on without feeling that I’ve wasted resources.