After opening Personel screen, Geoscape UI becomes useless

If you open the personel screen, the havens no longer have icons for what you can trade/steal/recruit from the site. Screen shots follow of before and after.

This is fixed by saving and loading.

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Second image to show icons. posted as a reply because I’m a new user

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This also happens to me, also every time the Personnel menu is opened.

Yes I almost play only like that, and it’s not just personal screen that trigger it, save and reload fix it, but it will come back fast.

Yeah it’s really annoying, just zoom in with the mouse wheel and the icons will pop up again at the price of a closer geoscape, it’s the only workaround I’ve found

Me too - I’d be wondering why that kept happening.

Not working for me, probably a Mac specific bug, this zoom in/out only allows with geoscape max zoom in, or max zoom out. The first show the icons but is a pointless view, a lot too close. The second doesn’t show the icons so isn’t a solution.

The only solution working most often is save and reload, but as it’s very tedious to do it often, it’s also to learn play with phase ignoring the icons, and phases exploiting them, to minimize the number of save and reload.