About reducing mobility

I panned to make it cost 2 WP. Soldiers would usually start with 10+ WP so it would be usable on 5+ turns without replenishing WP from various sources, if you won’t spend WP on other skills. And in my variation of the game WP would be a lot harder to regain without sacrificing whole turn (Recover ability) - for example no WP gains from enemy kills, also no skills which grant WP to the whole team. That would make typical Assault faster than any other class for big part of the combat, unless he would use more combat oriented skills that cost WP.

But I won’t describe everything here, because it would require writing about many other balancing elements to make above plan working. First of all this is not place for it, and secondly, I don’t have my excel file with all balance changes with me so I can’t recall everything from memory. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the thing - it can work depending on how everything else is set up, but in the current system it would just mean start every turn by activating dash.

What a terrible idea. This game has so many useless or broken items/abilities and you have the time to ask for more player activity nerfs? It’s damn hard to motivate player to finish the game because unplayable atm cause of the last AS nerf and you wanna make it more harder? Stop with such a bullshit.

I suppose that you may be Omega, but looks like not Alpha. :slightly_smiling_face: Do you think I plan to nerf only the player?

Of course. What else? What are you asking for? “Dash” really doesn’t need any more changes. Just look at other skills that can be improved.

Maybe someone already wrote about this, but have you tried (if possible) that the Dash skill contained in the passive +6 speed and in the active (as realized by developers) spurt of 3 tiles in 2WP?

I plan to nerf aliens too.

I haven’t

Out of interest - What’s the maximum speed that different Pandorans, and for that matter other faction soldiers move it? Is it comparable to the player’s soldiers’ speed?

Definitely not. Aliens don’t have more than 30 speed. Enemy soldiers - I’m not sure about their usage of skills, but probably they can use skills the same way player can (maybe they have limit to use each skill 1 per turn?).

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With frenzy?

Pandorans can move pretty fast with frenzy, but nothing comparable to what the player can do.

Human assault class opponents can dash, but only a little bit. And they never to do it in a way that makes sense anyway, at least in my experience. More than once I have seen them dash towards my troops after shooting at them.

The thing is, PP operatives with average stats also don’t run that much. It’s the specialized speed builds where things go really crazy, and the enemies have nothing like that.

I’ve seen faction assault use 2 dashes to reach the civilian that needs to be rescued and kills them on their first turn. No way to save the civilian… no way no how.

Actually, you are right. The mission is Brother where are thou, I believe. I had the same thing happen.

The fastest alien is Scylla on light legs. It has 30 speed, with frenzy 45. But to be true I have never seen her using that speed.

Second fastest alien is Chiron on light legs = 28 speed. With frenzy it is then 42 speed for 2 or 3 turn, but they really don’t use that speed, it is not important for them.

Next one is evolved Triton. 26 speed on agile legs, with frenzy 39 speed for up to 3 turns. This is significant, and in my opinion should be nerfed. :slight_smile:

Aliens which has also 30+ speed with frenzy are:
Siren on light tail = 33 speed
Evolved Triton on stealth legs = 33 speed
Not evolved Triton on agile legs = 33 speed
Evolved Arthron on agile legs = 30 speed

Without frenzy they are all between 12 to 22 speed with 3 exceptions above (and except worms which have 6 speed). And frenzy is often quite situational (aliens don’t always have it).

I’m not sure what is the point of writing it but @SpiteAndMalice here you have it. :slight_smile:

IMHO. If devs don’t want to change accuracy of the weapons then the distance a soldier can in a turn should be somewhere around 25% of the weapon accuracy change. For a simple reason that repositioning for 1AP shouldn’t raise your chances to hit something by a 100% as it does right now. This is what turns ballistics into a gimmick currently.

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For once we agree :grinning:

Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but wouldn’t that mean that max distance in tiles would depend on the weapon?

Soon we’re all running with knives because it’s faster.

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Why do you have to take it so literally…

Afaik weapon spread is linear, it doesn’t matter which one you take.