A studio comparison

Why does Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War 5 take the issue of achievements so seriously?

The Coalition said, “We know that some of these achievements, and the final Gamerscore value of 290, are not necessarily in the right place. Due to some transitioning within the team and adapting to our new work processes, the updated achievement plan did not make the cut in time for launch. If you are an achievement hunter, we apologize for some of the missteps here, and we plan to do so something about it.”

These arn’t glitched or unobtainable achievements, they’re relatively minor issues yet the studio takes great pains to get it right.

Compare that to Snapshot who have yet to even comment on the issues of glitched achievements.

I’ll ask one more time, is Snapshot planning to address the five glitched achievements for Gamepass and in time, the Console version?

Yes, we plan to have them fixed. However, consider that Windows Store/Game Pass players only make up a small percentage of our player base and that achievements don’t have any direct effect on the game itself.

While we would ideally love to have every single bug and issue resolved, our priority is to fix those that affect the game(play) directly first.

While we’re comparing, Coalition Studio is a first party studio (they’re owned by Microsoft), so they’re only making games for the Windows/Xbox platform, and their studio is nearly 4x larger than Snapshot Games.

Ok thanks Kevin, I wholeheartedly agree with the priority aspect and that the game play needs fixing first. As long as it’s on the radar that’s great and all I was interested in.

I have a fair amount of data on the glitched achievements and why they are broken. I believe the phoenix point research and item manufacturing are not registering with research progess and manufacturing. Also the lose game ending doesn’t register with progress for that associated cheev.

Best regards and keep up the good work.

If I may add something, from reading these forums in depth it strikes me that the community suggestions are so varied and in-depth that the only way to satisfy it is as follows:

  • Fix the basic core game to a basic standard most are comfortable with. Bugs, crashes etc.

  • Open up the game to modding so that the PC hardcore community can extend as they wish.

  • continue to add quality DLC

Note that for console and gamepass users there is no modding option so a basic standard robust game with cheevos is pretty much all they want.

Best regards

Speaking of Gears… Gears Tactics looks pretty dope.

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Yes indeed. Falling Skies wasn’t as bad as everyone says. I enjoyed it.

Frostpunk was TOUGH

It sure does, but then I saw the price… 70 bucks! I usually only go for indies, but isn’t that price way over the top for AAA?

Where did you get the $70 price? The Steam UK price is 50 pounds, and quick google shows me $60. Which is still pricey, but seems like standard AAA release. Which is nice for Tactics game to be considered as fully fledged game… but it’s better live up to the expectations.