Took time away but still disappointed

When I last played there was a bug where enemy armor would ramp up ridiculously fast requiring all of your squads firepower to take down just one Arthron . Pretty much ruined the fun when the game went from 1 to a bazillion difficulty in just one round.
I figured - well, it’s new, lets give it time.
Months later I am back and the armor bug seems to have gone away. I was having fun dealing with slightly stronger opponents as I too became stronger.

Then - suddenly - out of nowhere. My most recent battle introduced both a Scylla and also introduced plasma shots with not one, but two Chiron - plus the regular cast of Chiron and Triton - and a Siren just for kicks.

Suffice to say my team was eaten up within two turns.

Fun. Game over. No way to counter. Mist is only at about 20%.

Did I mention that Pandorans are now attacking havens with absurdly weak defenses about once an hour. Not to mention the idiotic havens attacking each other even more often. That means that in about two hours all of my experienced soldiers will be gone and I will be too broke to recruit any of the absurdly priced and complete novice soldiers from the few havens not yet destroyed.

Two missions ago things seemed good. Now - game over. And this was on the ‘easy’ setting…

I am unsure what the devs think ‘fun’ actually is. I will try it again in about a year.

I don’t think that something changes in general even after year. Some base mechanics broken and/or confront with each other.

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Two words to make you feel better. ‘Gears Tactics’
What PP should have been like.

PP should have been a lot better than Gears Tactics.

GT has no strategic layer and the tactical layer doesn’t look to be significantly different from XCOM.

Yeah, but it does have a cinematic story which is a refreshing change. Also the tactics look a little more exciting than Xcom’s formula. Anyway I will find out tomorrow.

My view of what happened to PP is that it lost track of it’s original vision. The vision of monsters that adapted ended up bloody big badly animated bugs that look stupid on the maps provided.

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No research, no strategy, no base building.

X-Com 2: War Of The Chosen is a big action adventure blockbuster. It could have been directed by James Cameron or the Russo Brothers.

But I’ll admit to have an issue regarding Gears Tactics: it’s f*cking expensive!!

Gear Tactics is 80$ here in Canada. Still expensive compared to PP.

I can’t pay this amount for a game anymore.

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believe it or not, 170$ in Brazil

Gear Tactics is lame. Cinematic story? Single story from the Phoenix Point lore eats Gear Tactics at a breakfast. But ok some like to play interactive movies or clickable adventures like The Longest Jurney or Life is Strange (quite fine games really) and could try to add tactics to it.

Mmmm. I’m enjoying gears tactics. For an initial release it’s bug free, is fun and doesnt leave the player frustrated or cheated. I’m not looking for a cinematic Oscar nomination, just fun gameplay. It has characters you engage with. It’s also free to play on game pass, as is PP. But without the glitches :smile:

Yeah, I got on game pass too. I didn’t get past the tutorial, because I have very limited gaming time and I prefer to spend it on PP.

It looks pretty good, TBH. It’s basically a straight port of a table top game (yep, it was designed and play tested as such).

Not sure if it’s the same sport as PP, though