A few minor improvements

Love the game guys, despite the 2 annoying bugs that i have to deal with without a fix :frowning:

Here are 2 improvements I can think of -

  1. please put an increment option for when you buy resources from havens, having to tap 50 times kinda sucks .

  2. Would be nice if you could have an autosave feature inside a mission, having to restart a lair is just painful.

  3. Is it really necessary to have 4 sirens for the diplomacy phase two mission for new jericho ? I mean I went in with a squad of 4 snipers and had 2 assault classes with heavy perks to deal with that mission :frowning:

If I can think of any other points of feedback , ill be sure to pass em along. Love the game though. But I would humbly request you to fix some of the game breaking bugs before working on the dlc’s.

I have 2 that bother me even now - 1) bugged steal tech missions on synedrion havens and infinite loading screens on disciple of anu , raid elite training camp missions given by new jericho.

Hope you guys can make the game awesome!