A bit of fun from Ragewraith

‘Hello Sir, Phoenix point training centre here, we have the rookies here waiting for class training and equiping’
‘Excellent why don’t you tell me somethging about them’
‘Well they all can use mounted weapons’
'Do we have any ‘mounted weapons?’
‘um no sir’
‘can we build them?’
‘No sir’
‘I see, ok well lets leave that alone for now. Lets take them one by one then’
‘Ok well we have a seriously big guy here can carry loads is a strongman by all accounts so heav-’
‘How many sniper rifles have we got?’
‘One sir’
‘Give him that’
‘well actually sir we have a lady here with excellent eye sight, she’s a natural sharpshooter, stealthy too’
‘Have we got any machine guns?’
‘No sir’
‘One sir’
‘Ok give her that and the jet pack oh and stick a bucket on her head.’