3 GB Memory used? really?

No wonder it crashes in a lot of computers, this crap is using more than 3.5GB Memory after a couple of battles. People! YOU HAVE A SERIOUS MEMORY LEAK!!
It starts with about 1.2GB used and it keeps eating. One hour into the game 3.5. I actually never played more than one hour continuously, because I’m starting to get pissed off…

I’m sorry I backed this game, never going to support anything Julian whoeven or snapshot games produce, it’s just rubbish.

Well the game have a 16 gb memory recomanded… 2019, almost 2020, 16 gb is like a standard “minimum” for a gaming pc in good condition, especialy when you have a browther, some vocal software and alll the clasical antivirus, mouse / keyboard / headset software running constantly.

Tbh some games like the last call of use ~12gb, most ubisoft need 8gb +, pretty every unity game at bare minimum 4 - 5 gb.

If you have a lower end computer and like the xcom style, consider playing xenonauts, or the firaxis xcoms 1 & 2 with mods, you’ll have for your money, it’s an excelent alternative (actually far better than pp at his current stage from my point of view)

It’s not that, I have 64GB on my machine. The problem is, your game will start being slower and slower as it requires more and more memory, and ever increasing memory without properly freeing memory objects is called “leaking”, it happens in shitty programmed software.
Besides, as you start losing your data locality, your memory becomes so fragmented that your CPU Cache does not help anymore

Unity eats up a lot, I’ll give it that, however you want to clean up after yourself. After each battle the memory required for the objects is not freed which puts an additional strain on the system.

so, basically poor code writing…

I dunno, i have not really monitored the game myself, as i haven’t expected much issue (one time locked in loading in ~30hours play in like 6-7 hours sessions) so i can’t say for sure but i haven’t experienced any slow, sluthering or anything of the genre during prolongated sessions.

The only thing that is slow is the loading that take 20 - 30secs regardless the game is installed on an M2 drive with insane w/r speeds. witch seem a lot of time considering what’s to load, but definetly not gamebreaking and it’s not linked to the lenght of my playtime. :o

The game definetly have a lot of issues and bugs, so note that i don’t neccesarly want to defend it, it’s just you’re the first people that i saw report about this particular issue, so it may be on your side. Are you sure all your memory bars are okey? one may be in endlife?

Especialy considering that unity do run some prefab script that do the memory cleaning by itself, doesn’t even need to be coded by devs anymore, it’s literaly a drag&drop of an unity plugin x)