2018 EGX demo build

Were there any clues what will be in EGX build? You guys follow more pages and sources than I am, so maybe you can share something about it? Or maybe community manager will tell us something? :wink:

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The build running at EGX will be 0.2.25109 - the same as Backer Build Two.


So topic to delete then.

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The one with the bug that allows the Techie to stunlock the Queen to death?

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Not technically a bug - it’s just the result of the system not yet being fully implemented.

So…W O R K I N G A S I N T E N D E D?


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For the moment, yes.

End result behav is same as bug.
Then the q remains why not fully implemented feat was implemented in BB?

Because the Backer Build is a development build. There any many things which are placeholders or partially implemented.

A bug is when something specifically doesn’t work the way that it is expected to work. The stun mechanic is currently working as expected because the damage threshold code hasn’t been implemented yet.

Surely that is a convenient way to explain it.

However, I would expect BACKERS build to be result of what is tested and implemented,
unlike DEVELOPERS or BETA TESTERS build, which is meant to detect bugs and present
half-unfinished feats.

Thus, backers build is in factual state kind of beta testing (which used to be free/paid in past)

The Backers Build is pre-alpha. It is intended to give backers the opportunity to experience the game as it is being developed. It is what it is.