105$ - Send ur Name and.......!?

Hallo Phönix Team,

i hope that u make this spezial that the people can write a backround story to the name ^^ this make the game then more personal. =) only the name has no real meaning, what makes a name special is the story behind it. :wink: It make this game to a spezial when the community can write the Backround story to this name what she can send :wink:

I hope im not the only what think so !?^^

nice greetings from Germany =)

I dont think there will be a fixed soldier with ones name that you can relate to. Its more like it will be added to random pool of names for soldiers so e.g. if I and you back that up, I would expect some Vojins or Matts to pop up from time to time, but they could be Vojin Damon not just Vojin Vidanovic (as I am) or Mett Vidanovic (example of combining your fist and my last name).

You were not the only one, but it will not happen (was answered in another thread, don’t have good enough net to find it right now).

Reason given was that the backstories have to be consistent within the world, and there is simply not enough resource (time/money) to have that with backers sending in their own version while the writing team writes the “official” one, so writing backstory will be not possible. Some kind of extra information may happen (like nationality, etc.), but I can’t remember if we got a precise answer on that yet, probably still no final decision.

it is sad when people can not write a little backround. Then it gives lot of people with the same name. =/ Damon´s or mett´s gives 100x ore more. Not rly special for a game. why i pay then 105$ when my name send meybe 10 other peoples,too. what make my name then special or i see that is my name ?? from this i ask from the backround story. from this i mean: "only the name has no real meaning, what makes a name special is the story behind it. "

Well, for 75$ price for this feat, I would expect a bit more.

Best would be if a customized soldier with a bit of look preference could be avail to individual backer only. And with his replacement of limited background info incl. nationality by the payer. That would also make some special items pledged too, avail too him. (When I say background info, its not influencing real story its like a little info on his personal background in info box below stats or so).

In e.g. my soldier would be Male, shorter, would pick to be minigunner class, would have glasses and short brown hair and would have a small Serbian 3 colours on back of armour, if that is visible like in Enemy Within (or just mentioned in background info). It would not really building a face model, merely customizing existing a bit.
This character could be guaranteed to paid player only and could not be traded, making it unique but usable if some sort of online play is planned. Having other characteristic boosted on start would not be fair. And he would reappear in team in each new game as part of 1st posse, so if one wonders what if the main dude dies …

Generic names make no sense IF can be changed anyway. If they are fixed, than this kind has influence, but again if not personalized, does not seem to be incentive enough.

Time will prove how many will pay extra just to enter “the name pool”

$25 extra for your name in soldier roster. It doesn’t mention any background creation. You pay only for opportunity that other players sometimes will get name of your choice. And it can be fictional. Shop page says just about it. Maybe it is not cheap but it is player’s choice if he agrees to those terms. No complaining after purchase please. :wink: If it would be cheap then we would have long list of strange ideas submitted by the players. :wink:

There was an option to create your character in the game as independent haven commander. But you know how much it costs. :money_mouth_face:

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As socialist block kid, I will just say “capitaLJlism” as seen in Red Heat (whenever something unnecessary is served as exclusive). But that is just upbringing based not on consumerism :wink: But its more playing on the egos and personality boosts.

However - Who the Cup Fit, Let em wear it (or who desires it, shall have it)

Its not for me, or creator of this thread, but someone might find it rewarding.