$10 Off Coupon: Can I Use it in Epic Store?

I sent a buddy my code I received way back for $10 off the DLC package. But is that usable in the Epic Store? Or does he have to go to Snapshot or Xloollo or wherever? If he does buy NOT at Epic, does it come with an Epic key or something so updates will still happen through Epic?

Those discount keys only work through our Xsolla powered store ( https://buy.phoenixpoint.info ) - but it does give an Epic Games Store key.


Do you know specifically how this will work?

  1. Buddy goes to your site and purchases DLC pak w -$10. Does that then download the DLC Pak to his computer from your site?
  2. Re: Epic Key: How does this work? I looked but couldn’t see any place to enter a code to activate the DLC Pak on the Epic Launcher.

Any clarification/help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan T.

You use the coupon on our site to purchase the season pass and you get sent an Epic key for it. You redeem the key in the Epic Games Launcher by clicking on your account name in the bottom left and selecting redeem code.

Are we supposed to get the email right away or only when each dlc will be available? I bought it in the snapshot shop and did not get an email so far.

The individual DLCs aren’t available to purchase separately via our Xsolla store. That can only be done via the Epic Games Store.

You can buy the Season Pass via our Xsolla store, and for that, you should receive the key straight away. Once you’ve redeemed that key on your Epic account, the DLCs will unlock automatically as they’re released.

Ok that is what i did and I did not receive the key. Who would I have to contact?

Please contact Xsolla directly via https://help.xsolla.com