1.9 froze my whole pc should I report something?

Hi, PP just froze my whole notebook (I can’t ALT-Tab anywhere) while I was equipping my squad prior to deploying for the mission.

This has never happened before since I bought the game (in september IIRC); it crashed a couple of times, exiting to Windows, but never froze the machine, requiring me to hard reset it.

Is there anything I should do, send any log file anywhere?

Hopefully there is a crash log for this event. For Windows it should be at C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Local/Temp/Snapshot Games Inc/Phoenix Point/Crashes[timestamp]

This can be emailed to support@snapshotgames.com with a description of what and how it happened.



Unfortunately, there’s no crash log there. I guess the crash reporter didn’t kick in.

Though I know where to look next time :slight_smile: