Why are my fully-healed soldiers going into Citadel battles injured; sometimes with knocked out limbs?

So… my soldiers who are fully 100% healed keep spawning with minor HP damage and knocked-out limbs on Citadel missions. This does not happen on ANY other mission type, but is happening 100% on Citadels for me… Pictures as proof below. I can supply a save file as evidence, but I don’t know where/how to upload it.

One image shows my Tiamat with fully-healed crew. The others shows immediately after I spawn with damaged HP and damaged limb(s):


Is the soldier using a kybernetic armor? If yes, it needs repair.


Unfortunately that isn’t it. The selected guy in the screenshot has the Danchev Living Armor set, and I have never applied either cybernetics or mutations. This guy is still injured.

Also, there are no arm cybernetics anyway, since it would be the whole torso. You can see how he spawned in with 1 of 2 arms disabled. You cannot spawn into a map with injured arms like this.

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Are you playing with mods?
If not, I never saw the messages of you first screen with the thousands of hours (“Phoenix Point will excavate …”).
Maybe your game files are corrupted?
Have you tried to check these?

I’ve never played Phoenix Point with mods. In fact, I didn’t even know it had mods.

The bug with the artifacts alerts on the geoscape is a bug that Snapshot shipped with their DLC. It started after I saved the game with an alert on the screen. When I loaded back in from the save, I received the shown broken alerts for every single ancient site that I owned.

I didn’t report it because I just couldn’t bring myself to care with all the other bugs I was encountering. That being said, while anything is possible, I strong suspect that those broken alerts are not a symptom of the same bug that causes my players to load into a Citadel mission injured. I played a Citadel mission way before the bug with the weird times and also had some fully-healed soldiers load in with small amounts of HP missing. I assumed at the time that I didn’t fully heal them before heading out, and didn’t think much about it

I think the bug is more likely related to the overhaul and changes that were made recently to the Citadel missions. There used to be a completely different map that all Citadel missions used. The map was changed, and it stands to reason that other changes were made too. Every single mission I have played this playthrough in a Citadel has had this problem, but the amount of lost HP was less, and no body parts spawned knocked out.

It looks like a bug is capping the HP on this map at 200, because all soldiers with over 200 hp are reduced to 200. I can load the save right before I start the mission, and head to a nearby Lair, and no one loads in injured, so this is definitely Citadel-related.

I never had this bug and also no problems with messages, that’s why I think that maybe something with your game files is corrupted.
It was also reported that some people had issues with corrupted game files and their last solution was to completely reinstall the whole game (the epic launcher was not able to solve the problem by verify the game files).
But I really don’t know, maybe it is also a rare bug.

Could be, I suppose. Although for a save to get “corrupted”, there has to be a bug that causes corruption. The only other possible way to corrupt a save file is to manually edit it, or have something on your computer modifying files at random and without your permission (like malware; and since others have experience this, and nothing else is affected on my computer, I’d say its a guaranteed bug).

(I say that as a former game developer myself, and someone who spent years on game development in the Unity game engine).

The -thousand hours message was introduced in the latest hotfix. The other issue needs to be reported via F12. The devs are aware of the former, but not necessarily the wounded units going into Citadel missions.

I’ve heard this “F12” thing before. No one has been able to explain it to me. What else do I need to do? When I press F12, nothing happens. How is pressing that reporting something? What should I expect when I do that, and what do I need to do after I press F12?

F12 should be pulling up a bug report. It’s possible that you have an overlay that uses F12 for something else.

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You may need to hold the Windows key or Fn key when pressing F12. It should bring up a bug reporting box that has a screenshot of the moment you pressed it and space to explain the bug you are experiencing.

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Psychotic damage on entering a lair? :eyes: :thinking:

That typo made me laugh. You made my day. But no “psychic” damage. That picture is from my first turn, so no AI has gotten a turn.

Also, the issue started happening on ALL missions a little after this started. So it is no longer just citadels. Not sure what happened. Replaying my campaign. It’s become quite messy.

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I cannot imagine what causes that. Certainly not external controllers, that make the mouse/pointer invisible.
What DLC are you playing simultaneously?

Hmmm. Just the Blood and Titanium and new Ancients DLC. I have never used Mods or anything like that. Granted, I have experienced a good few bugs that no one else has.

To be fair, my career started out as a manual video game tester. And I excelled at it because everything I touched broke whether I wanted it to or not… I’ve run into a ton of bugs that few people could reproduce unless I was nearby…

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Remind me not to go flying with you. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I started out doing reviews of games, back when Game News & Happy Puppy Gamer Mags were new. Mostly Atari & Commodore games as well as several Board Games. (Bored Games?)

Anyway, there must be something you have running in the background, that entices the Bugs to come out and say Hi-Hi. Like with the invisible mouse pointer … I found it was my external controllers causing that. Unplugged them and voila! Cured the issue. :100::clap::+1:

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Have you started a new campaign when the patch released ? Unfortunately, Snapshot trolled their playerbase with the patch: A few weeks prior to release, they warned here that you should start a new campaign with the new patch, or disable automatic updates in the epic store. Of course, most people are not active on these Forums and got their campaigns destroyed. I’ve heard from quite a few people who stopped playing PP alltogether because they ran into that trap.

Yes, I started a brand new campaign when the new DLC was dropped.