Future DLC proposal: Enable playing as fractions

  • Fractions have even better story and identity then PP
  • People are very fond of them
  • They already have research tree and kind of in game goal (merge with Yuggot for Annu, military desctruction for New Jericho …)
  • They have both base classes and later one

Only good question is how to let AI play PP and raid them in such scenario :slight_smile:

Ever played the Anu anding? Just asking … :wink:

For Anu story, nothing is what it seems at the beginning …

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Good idea, playing as 1/2 would be fun but not sure about 1/9 it would go on too long.

Yup, their God refuses them. And I like that you get their chief - “Maxi Prest” (no, not the reggae star) to bring as extra soldier. In fact, I would like to see some Super Heavy coming from New Jericho to Palace Mission and some super inflitrator for Synderion, but noooo … Just Anu want to see the Yuggotian entity :slight_smile:

Thanks for the spoiler =(

He really spoiled nothing, it’s not how he describes it, in fact, what he wrote in his first sentence is pretty wrong. So, go the Anu way and you will see :wink:


Thanks! I read just the 1st sentence anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its far more complex, has a twist :slight_smile: But nevermind, what faction would you like to see as playable first? I like Synderion as future ecologists and neomarxists, religious and warfare tendencies of two other fractions I dont find that appealing :slight_smile:

The Pure of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Now for real, I also like the whole tech branch of Synedrion and their attitude to get this sympathetic but horrible fragile political construct somehow to work.


Cool idea, and you raise some good points! The various factions feature lore that is as extensive as that of the Phoenix Project, but they have the added advantage of having recognizable characters. Citizen Barnabas and Taxiarch Nergal come to mind as standing out in particular, but dealing more with the Exalted or with Tobias West could be extremely interesting as well.

Snapshot Games have made a remarkable world that speaks to the imagination, and a number of likeable and interesting characters. I’m all in favour of seeing them do more with that.

Going to have to jump onto the Synedrion bandwagon here. After that, the Disciples of Anu, and then finally New Jericho.


well, why not breaking cybernetics to single reasearch

who knows maybe eco anarchism is the future? I like when their soldiers cry “We are anarchists, not pacifists” and such, PP soldier miss such war cries

Everything needed is there, some new storyline, missions and animations is all it takes

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