Why is this guy shooting back 10 times per turn?

Does not even have return fire ? Its a level 1 (one) assault. Does not show this extremely stupid return fire in the info sheet and yet keeps shooting back.

This ability in general is just … I have no words. It is hotfix worthy.


That single ability really brings me on the brink of quitting right now… It’s quite infuriating ! It does not even seem to ever miss … guy is return firing a shotgun across the map against my Sniper and he does not have the ability listed either ! Only “dash” and “assault training”…

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We all feel your pain (aside from a few people who swear on this mechanic like it were a bible). I wrote a thread specifically about this feature, and how it might be fixed.

The Devs promised a patch coming to fix all the issues… let’s see how that turns out.

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