Why is people shooting at me? "A Complaint from your local Crab Lad"

Sooo…i Was wandering the wilds trying to find a nice warm shelter and everyone just shoots at me.
I means i knows i look a bit odd, Just cause me is a crab. Thems Phoenix and Jericho lads shoot at me Even Snydrion…Except them Anu Mates They seems nice. I reckons they like us folk. The other Crab Mates were not very talkative they do not seem to talk or at least in a language ize know…So i just wandered off. thems don’t seem to care…Not even The Queenie…What was i just saying?

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You’re tasty, they want a bite of you :3

Huh…Well…alright then. At least i has them Anu lads to keep me safe from thems Phoenix lads who want to cut me up.

Cuz you would give us crab legs for DAYZ!

But i have only two legs…
Plus i used to be a person…i thinks
Don’t remembers…

But your two legs are like the size of a 100+ “normal” crab legs.

Besides, we won’t know if it tastes like crab or not-crab until we try it. And if it tastes like not-crab, well I hear human is rather tasty so now we have a guilt-free way to try it without resorting to cannibalism.

Will go eat some other one and not mes. i am the only ones who still has me own mind i aint no slave the virus…
As far as i thinks.
Who knows…i has strange dreams about water

Got a CraBurger for me? That’s what I need in this Misty weather!

Stop trying to eat mes,
Yall are not good peoples.
Thems Anu lads are good people compared to the rest of yous…

[Phoenix guy] - This is the way we teach you… but we can also learn from you… come here and check that new shining stun rod Mr Crab…

It’s all a big misunderstanding Crab_Lad. Stick your head out from behind that cover and let’s talk through the medium of the rhythmic tapping of more bullets hitting you in the face…

It’s a good question - will it be possible to find half-mutated crabmen that are not hostile to the player, communicate with them or learn something from them? I mean, not the “usual” autopsy, perhaps some research project related to DoA?

Yes. They are called Disciples or in such case maybe renegade Disciples. :wink:

Well ise not half ise more of a full crab…But ise will talk peacefully if needed…that would be nice.

Dear Mr. Crab, there is no easy way to say this, so I’ll just be direct:

It may also have something to do with some past experiences with crabs which proved to be… not so good. See below: (some of you may not want to look at this, so you’re not reminded of past traumas)