Why EPIC Concerns Me!

Because it is 40% chinese owned and we all know what chinese internet companies do with our details! You want to give your credit card details to chinese, be my guest but first google for the brushing scam… it is real and I have been a victim! NO MORE GIVING PERSONAL DETAILS TO CHINESE COMPANIES!

You are fine with that, go ahead, but don’t be surprised tomorrow dangerous unknown stuffs start turning up in front of your door from random chinese companies! (Google for it! IT HAPPENED TO ME!)

But backers already paid Snapshot, get the DLCs for free during the EPIC-exclusive year, so what exactly will they purchase with credit card?

Please google chinese brushing scam. I was a victim, still am.

So they will guess my credit card’s info from the void? :thinking:

Great evil draws from the void… don’t you forget that.

Yesterday I installed EGS, today I woke up to find chinese (of course they were chinese) organ harvesters had invaded my house and left me without two livers, one kidney and both eyes. Also, my wife ran away with my lost evil twin, who disappeared in the amazonian rainforest many years ago, the bank cut both my credit cards, and my best friend died when a stream of urine fell down from a plane and solidified from the cold, putting a piss-evil stake right through his heart. IT’S TRUE!!!

Yeah, you can say it’s an EPIC bad luck!


Forget the chinese dude, i know a nigerian prince who can make you an offer you can’t refuse.


Just FYI you don’t have to put in your card / real personal information (you can use a fake one) when registering to the epic store - just an email account and you’ll get the PP key from SG.

Still Sweeney bad man.

Helloo friend Maximus

I made an Epic games account a couple of months ago, Ihave recntly discovered that this company have learnt that my name is Solomon Odonka, that my preferred communication language is English, and that my email address is iamanigerianprince@hotmail.com

I allso now have concerns about Epic and I entend to pursuit this with a legal actions on behalf of you all, however as due to a temporary leagal matter all of my assets is currently unavailable for me therefore I am in need of small funds in order to pursue these action. If you wishes to send me there bank details in order to make a donations I return these money with 1000% percentage interest ass solid gold bullions in 9 week time.


Ow wow this must be my lucky day, just a minute first i need to run out to the store to buy some gift cards so i can purchase the premium anti virus software from this nice microsoft technician who’s on the phone with me right now.

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Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit what? Those brushing scums are actually gifting stuffs to random people instead of returning them back to manufacturer now? LOL Jesus that’s not the kind of brushing I knew!

Well okay I know the point is about identity theft. When I was living in LA these kind of things are most likely gonna happen if you use your credit card in some small and shabby restaurant / donuts shop. Online theft is possible but there are literally hundreds of possibilities like you clicked something wrong on small websites or the database of your favorite online games had a security breach. My origin account was stolen from me along with all the info and I still have no clue how did that happen years ago.

Of all the chinese companies,Tencent, which owns 40% of shares of Epic, is highly unlikely to steal your information. Because it doesn’t need to. Tencent is literally Chinese Facebook+MSN+Japanese LINE + whatever social app in your cellphone. It already have billions if not trillions of customer info. Also Tencent’s games generates trillions of dollars per year for them, why would they sell customer info for a meager hundred bucks? That doesn’t make any sense.

Well then again this notorious brushing scam were never meant to give away real stuffs. I’m really curious about what they are doing on Amazon lol.