Why do my characters inventories sometimes flash orange during combat?

Why do my characters inventories sometimes flash orange during combat?

Question is in the title. Character moves. Suddenly their inventory symbol starts flashing. No idea why. Check inventory, nothing going on. Check ground, nothing going on. Can someone explain please?

Also is there a clearer wiki than the official one (for beginners)? There is so much about the game and the interface that is not explained in-game (like what do the various symbols over sites mean, and what do the different class symbols mean? Do I have to memorize what each group of barely indistinguishable squares stands for? Why can’t we have tooltips over symbols in this game after two+ years since release?)

I want to love this game (I’ve been a huge X-com fan since UFO Defense in '94) but every time I start to play I give up after a day or two in frustration.

Sorry. Please help.


You mean there can be more clear wiki than official one? There is almost everything explained.

Start from here:

Thank you. But I’ve read the entire getting started section and it still doesn’t answer my original question.

Why does my inventory sometimes flash orange when I move?

It’s a minor bug. It’s supposed to flash under certain conditions. But the big makes it flash even when it’s not supposed to.

AHH. Thank you. So I’m not missing anything by just ignoring it. That helps. Appreciated! :slight_smile: