When will this be available on Xbox Game Pass? (PC not Xbox)

Congratulations on the release!

I am looking forward to playing. I am currently an Xbox Game Pass user and am aware that the intention is to release this game in Q1 2020 on the Xbox. However, I believe that the PC release for Xbox Game Pass is simply waiting approval by Microsoft.

Does anyone have any indication of when this may occur or how long it typically takes to get this approval?

Thank you.

The rumor is that Microsoft needs to “certify” it and so it will be delayed a week.

Me, I believe there’s a conspiration to delay it and push more people to buy it on Epic since I doubt Snapshot would make the same money for every “free” download on Xbox PC game pass than they would for a purchase on Epic Store. To be honest, I don’t blame them although this sucks for me personally.

Yep, official answer:

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