Utilize fan-made site exploration stories

I think it would be an excellent and really fun thing for Snapshot to encourage and utilize fan-made stories that pass their muster (and that they like) for addition to the pool of randomized site exploration stories. By that, I mean the short, normally 1-3 sentence paragraphs that are displayed when a random situation is found after exploring a new location.

Might be at least a fun way of engaging the fans, and would potentially be a first of a kind way to do that in games.



Create a request on Canny, I will vote

Thanks. Added https://feedback.phoenixpoint.info/feedback/p/utilize-fan-made-site-exploration-stories.

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I like the idea and voted for it!
Though it is defenitely not the first of a kind. There was such a thing like “Time capsule” in Subnautica. It allowed player to send a message and some items of his choice to other players.