What is reaction fire bringing to the game?

Suspect that Fog of War, when implimented, will really tune down Reaction Fire.

Also, Overwatch has let me get shots off while bugs were moving, before they took offensive action. RF hasn’t done that for me. Its not much, but tactically, its something.

Also, as I understand it, RF is a weapon trait, not a soldier trait - thus no RF from the Rocket Launcher. Its the current (limited) weapons mix on the map plus the lack of fog of war that are contributing to the OP feel of RF, in my view. Once we see a better weapons mix and FoW in play, then the RF tuning should start. (I suspect)

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I understand that there are a lot of balancing and systems that are missing from the game left. My point is more about cost efficiency. For example, we have current RF and FoW implemented. This will result less enemies shooting at us and less targets available for shooting at. But we will still have an ability to react at more than one enemy for no TU cost.
By mentioning heavy armor I meant amount of damage reduction at the first place.
And RF is both - a weapon trait as well a soldier trait(assault class exclusive). But you only can RF with Agile weapons such as AR, so not RF for Rocket Launcher (but we can dream of bolter like rocket-guns…).

RF is a soldier trait with a weapon-type limitation. I expect there to be other skills with such limitations. In fact we see it with the Sniper’s Gunslinger ability. But remember that soldiers can be multi-classed in PP, compared to the NuCOM games where you’re stuck as whatever class that soldier is.

The true question is: But are crabmen?

Also, keep in mind that in addition to what people have already mentioned, the current scenario features exactly one enemy species. Fighting six crabmen gunners is, admittedly, a scenario where return fire really shines, but in the full game probably less than 50% of enemies will have return fire. (In much the same way that we can’t really critique the balance of the Queen because not every mission will have a Queen and not every Queen will be melee only)

Hahaha, very fair point. Though, if they have willpower and can panic then I’d guess that they would be intelligent enough to be scared of bullets too. :stuck_out_tongue: