Chirons need a cool down!

The Chirons need a warm up or cool down move. A ‘I am setting up to fire next move, run for cover’ or a ‘I have just killed half your squad, I will give you a couple turns to pick them up’ move.

I love the alien creature type and the attacks that it has… but they are just a little OP for a game that is limiting the amount of soldiers we get. When they can launch from the other side of the map and one shot kill any unarmoured soldiers in your squad… There needs to be a way to avoid instant squad wipes.

I know the game still needs balancing but these guys need the nerf stick first! :rofl: If they just fired a single rocket and not a bunch of them they might be a little easier to deal with.

Warm up would be bad idea. A 2 turns cooldown may be ok. I would definitely like to see how it works with lower damage and with more durable cover… But again I suppose that in more open terrain they should be deadly. Question is how fast we will meet them in our campaign in final game. Will we have best armors with best guns, or we will see them in our first month while building our ranks. :slight_smile:

Heavies and mechs seem to cope ok with the hits (once). But snipers and assaults are toast. In the open or in a shanty town, the Chiron missile salvo just eats them.

A mission with 4+ heavies, my first turn, is salvos of rockets to try take the Chirons down in the first turn before they fire. This kinda sucks as well to be honest. They are like a boss unit you want to enjoy fighting, but need to kill them instantly to stop a squad wipe.

If they only launched one rocket at a time, I would focus on the masses of crabmen first, then have the show down with them later.

I am sure they will get it right with trial and error. I like the alien and the way it attacks, it just needs a tweek.