Want to see battles between the 3 factions units versus the Pandora virus enemies

lf you remember playing xcom 2,in those resistance defense mission,you will have resistance solider near you assisting you to protect the survivor by shooting the aliens,l really enjoy watching them to shoot the aliens to death sometimes and remind me this is not just my battle,this is our battle as humanity against the Advent and the elderly

ln xcom 2 war of chosen,l also enjoy the moment watching the Advent troops and the lost having a fight,lt is really fun watching Advent troops shoot down the lost and something the lost surround the Advent troops to have a rare chance to bash them to death

It would be interesting to watch how the 3 factions units fight, watching them how they deal with the Pandora virus enemies and what is their strategy and tactics against it,l really want to see them having a battle against the Scylla,And see which factions had the best troops and build.

l think if the developers can add the 3 faction units to assist you in the heaven defense mission, destroy the Pandora nest mission, scavenge mission, primary mission and your Phoenix point defense mission depending on your relationship between the faction and if the game can add more faction variety mission like assisting them in their scavenge mission,side quests and their evacuate mission when they are ambushed,if would definitely spike up your experience in the game(friendly fire don’t count)

l just really hate the game is making you think are the only one fighting the Pandora virus,what are the 3 factions doing all the time,are they just going to sit in their heaven waiting to get wipe out by the Pandora virus and starting a war on each other forgotten who their true enemy is and where are the interaction between the 3 factions and the Pandora virus on the map and in the mission,are they scare or did they surrendered to Pandora virus in early game

l don’t know why the developer design the 3 factions like a support role, support you with research and resources, instead they can also lead the main role destroying the Pandora virus too untill we stop them or we assist them,they have all the weapons,human power and research,why can’t they do the job too, instead we are the one picking up the pieces,while they are enjoying in their heaven making stupid announcement that lead to a faction genocide war.

So what is your thoughts and opinions,you can share them with me

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I’d even like to see the factions going at each other. A map with Pandorans on it, whilst 2 factions are also knocking lumps out of each other, that would be fun. :slight_smile:

I find it quite strange that, when defending a haven there are no armed troups in sight. Did they think “oh pp is here we can go grab a cup of coffee. while they do our job”?

Course would be nice, but its also a recipe for disaster with stray bullets and AoE, how will the AI detect evil intent over accidents. Realistically, Id be happy if they manage to fix and polish the core game throughout the next year.

I think the simple answer is that it shouldn’t, I think you’d just add a counter; any damage to environment reduces the potential diplomatic allegiance gain, any damage to a faction soldier (beyond a certain point) means that the faction will start firing back at you.

This would be very cool indeed. I believe it was in the original design concept, but was dropped near the final release. Hopefully the bring it back in!

I would have it similar to Stamina. If you (accidentally) damage an allied Haven defender, then I would reduce the positive rep you would have gained (for saving the haven) by an amount each time, to a minimum of 0. If you kill an allied fighter, your rep can drop into the negatives. I’d have no change to their behaviour mid-battle tbh

I think that would give you an incentive to be careful around them.

I’d also have them as not a part of your team, so you can’t see them until you spot them with a squad-mate. It would make the motion-sensor/mind sense abilities more of a gamble, if you’re into blind firing at blips lol