Vote on Difficulty of "Legend Without SuperHeroes"?

Who wants to play or watch Phoenix Point on the difficulty of “Legend Without SuperHeroes”?
( PP-LWSH :thinking: )

  • I want to see gameplay like “Legend without SuperHeroes”
  • It should be a Global Mod in 2020
  • I think the developers themselves will release a similar dlc
  • Hard to create, play boring
  • Already, almost everything is fine (waiting for the first DLC)

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What is “Legend Without SuperHeroes”?
This is a rebalance of the current difficulty - Legend, may be… :thinking:
Vote for the first option you like. :wink:

Forgive my ignorance, but what is “Legend Without SuperHeroes”?

What Spite said.

This is a rebalance of the current difficulty - Legend, may be… :thinking:
Vote for the first option you like. :wink:

Can’t really vote when the options can mean pretty much anything…

In your opinion, what should be the choices?

Just establishing what ‘Legend without SuperHeroes’ would entail would be sufficient.

At the moment it’s a poll about voting for implementing a difficulty mode with no defined details.

I don’t have the answer you are waiting for, perhaps now. My opinion is like LongWar1, but PP has a different basic gameplay model with different rules and Opportunities, Many Opportunities :sunglasses:

I just want to know what the question is.

I took it as tuning down some of the abilities:

  • bye bye return fire, shooting without AP is superhuman
  • rage burst tuned down to using 2-3 clips and limited to burst weapons
  • abilities limited to once a turn (dash, quick aim, mindcrush, panic, …)
  • armor break limited to melee

And of course enemies tuned a bit accordingly.

And so, I answered “global mod” since I don’t want to play legendary but still want to benefit from the mod on other difficulty levels.

Return Fire

  • limit it at once on turn, twice for the master of the pistol (2 level)
  • can be done as in X-Com for the remainder of AP, 1AP can be subtracted from the next turn
  • you can use activation through chance, like chance crit (increases when added)

It’s easy to simply cross out the mechanic, but it’s always a loss of something.

:dizzy: Dash = QuickSilver in

Quick aim limited to once per turn completely defeats the point of quick aim. The whole point is to allow a three ap weapon to fire twice in a single turn.

4AP ^ 6WP for 2 shots with reduced accuracy

If I follow what you’re saying then that’s not a bad compromise.

For me it was more the ability to shoot after moving 2 AP.
As @noStas puts it, a “rapid fire” ability to shoot twice at a target.

Actually, I have an idea to present ability levels, up to 3 updates.

Quick Aim:
1- 4AP ^ 6WP for 2 shots with reduced accuracy,
2- 3,5AP ^ 6WP for 2 shots with reduced accuracy,
3- 3AP ^ 6WP for 2 shots with reduced accuracy.

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That’s a nice idea.

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