Legendary and Campaign choices

I’ve been playing Legendary and I’ve been having a blast. But I do wish something had a difficulty slider. Such as how fast the enemies evolved or some minor things like recruiting or faction aggression against each other. It’s a bit hard to grind without raiding havens, but I’ve found with getting faction recruits with no armor, gear, or weapon, I am especially grinding very hard. I can’t craft enough ammo, new weapons, and I can barely outfit an extra manticore with a weapon against the behemoth and it’s a bit of a real slugfest.

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Insert a few mods and all this:

  • how fast the enemies evolved
  • recruiting (item availability)
  • faction aggression against each other
    -is modifiable easily if you just look things/mods up.

Mods to mention, for example, pp-raw-recruits, Ovis Balance components called (cap deployment boost, loot everything-which doesn’t actually cover armors ), Assorted Adjustments; which has the others and FAR more options and tweaks you can freely enable or disable within the Modnix you use to install the mods via.

I often play on Legend without raiding havens or stealing aircraft from factions. But I also started with the “Promotional Skins” enabled, so it was more of a Legend Lite campaign.

Enabling “Promotional Skins” gets you a main weapon and a suit of armour for 7 soldiers, whichis a bit more than you need to get a second team up and running.

One of the issues with Legend is that raiding havens and stealing aircraft was an exploit that many “legend only” players used to abuse. So Snapshot made raiding harder and upped the diplomatic consequences to raiding and stealing aircraft, but they did absolutely nothing to change the balance with Legend.

So now you have this ridiculously fast pandora evolution on legend combined with a serious handicaps to the player that comes together in a way that just doesn’t work. Or isn’t fun. Or becomes a 3/10 experience pretty quickly.

I enjoy the opening missions in a Legend campaign. Having soldiers come unequipped adds manufacturing and build times into the game in a way that just doesn’t happen on other difficulty settings. And reducing the SP earned in each mission makes spending them to level up soldiers much more meaningful.

But as the pandorans evolve, I end up fighting late game enemies with early game squads. I can win those fights, but those missions become incredibly tedious. And I often abandon Legend campaigns when the gameplay becomes monotonous and boring,

I would definitely like to see an option where I could play on Legend with the speed that Pandorans evolve set to normal–instead of ridiculous.

“I would definitely like to see an option where I could play on Legend with the speed that Pandorans evolve set to normal–instead of ridiculous.”
A mod could be made to do this. But the evolution speed is kinda tied to the strenght of them, which cannot be separated from other things.

Also, the raiding aspect got set back to kinda the original punishments. Aka to what they were a lot like in v1.0… as there the diplomacy hit was -20 per strike.

There is more to the game’s difficulty than the speed the enemy evolves.

The Pandorans evolve the exact same way with the exact same abilities, weapons, armour, hit points, and abilities on all difficulty levels.

One big difference between difficulty levels is the number of enemies on each map.

But the biggest differences between difficulty levels are the ways the player is gets handicapped. There are fewer starting resources, lower stats for soldiers, and the rate that soldiers earn Skill Points from missions is also reduced as you bump up game difficulty.

On a typical Veteran campaign, the player will be able to dual-class all their soldiers and max out all the stats and abilities for all their soldiers long before the final mission. And they will all go into the final mission with hundreds of extra SP earned above and beyond what could be spent to max out everything.

But in a typical legend campaign, there just aren’t enough missions to get a soldier fully levelled up. In my last legend campaign, I had continually spent all the bonus skill points, the “Phoenix Points” in the shared skill points pool, to pick up key skills and boost the core stats of my A-team, and even though I was able to dual class everyone and get most of the stats and perks I needed, I had to cap soldier strength at 25. After playing a campaign that was 225 missions long, I just couldn’t earn enough Skill Points in that campaign to max out my best soldier.

Anyway, my point is that the extra enemies on the maps and the Skill Point handicap are the main things that make playing on Legend difficulty hard.

All that speeding up the evolution of the Pandorans accomplishes is to ensure that people playing on legend don’t get to enjoy much (if any) of best part of Phoenix Point, the early game before the Pandorans start to evolve.