Voice actors break immersion

This feedback is about the final released game, not the builder packs.

I’ve been playing for a bit and the combat map voice actors just don’t seem right. I think it’s female voice 4 has some weird pseudo Australian accent, and generally each of them sounds like their reporting their status from the calm position of a recording studio bored.

There may be come ‘too cool for school’ character voices but given the situation I’d think most of them would sound more like they are exerting themselves. Get the actors to run on a treadmill while recording or stick some mics on them during a paintball game. I don’t know the exact answer, and understand the feasibility of re-recording could be low, but the sound is a big part of immersion into the world of the game, if it sounds like the soldiers aren’t part of it then neither is the player.

The narration is good, as that is more of a ‘telling of a tale’ rather than soldiers on the field.

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