Voice acting could use some work

Where are the voice files so one may modify them?

The “fuck you” gets tiresome.

And many of the soldier’s voice responses, are questionable at best: “Ready to fire,” “I see them,” “Identifying target,” – sniper; “Preparing to fire,” “Enemy killed,” “Right there,” – Heavy; “Moving fast,” " Repositioning – prioritizing speed," “Enemy in visual range,” (LOL WUT?) “Moving to position,” “Acquiring target,” “What’s our plan?” “I’m on overwatch.” – assault;

Dialogue is unrealistic. Combat dialogue should be short and curt. Maybe some bravado mixed in but it should be short. You don’t waste time on the comms.

“Target acquired.”
“I’m there.”
“X-ray down.”
“Got 'em.”
“Going hot.”
“Locked in.”
“Roger that.”
“Pinned down.”
“On overwatch.”
“We have contact.” or “Contact.”
Retreating – “Breaking contact,” “Fall back.”
After soldier killed, “____ down.”

Bravado could be a little longer.
“Who ordered crab cakes?”
“And… Deep sixed.”
“Sleepin’ with da fishes.”
Etc., etc.

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This was my 2nd concern when I started playing the game.
Voice Acting is dissapointing, Operatives and Pandorans alike.
I mean, On the battlefield that is.
Because outside it is very well done, like in the short videos and the Faction leaders talking for example, very good.

You know? I miss Central Bradford, the game feels empty without the comm chatter…

Operatives sound like they have been dealing with this Pandoravirus situation for ages non-stop, they just don’t care anymore.

They lack a bit of energy, STRENGTH! and realism, also the volume for the current voice lines is bit low, hard to notice them.

Honorable Mention: The Scylla’s scream everytime it summons the Mist is probably the cheapest of the audio lines, it’s so menacing looking and yet it sounds like a poor dog with distemper howling.

I like the Scylla’s screams because it sounds like it comes from human vocal chords which gives them a creepy Lovecraftian edge.

Re: the voice acting, I’ll have to double check which one it is, but one of the female voices sounds artificially slowed during some lines (the African accent, IIRC). So that’s kinda kooky.

Honourable mention to the billions of typos in the game’s text while we’re at it.