Vision, ability being OP, character customization, enemy types

To few maps, feels like I’m doing the same map over and over again. I know it is post apocalyptic and all, but just adding some signs that say different things could probably do a lot to making it at least look different.

Vision… why can I see all the bad guys almost always? Lower squad vision and I know we want a different game than xcom… but squad sight as an ability really just does a lot.

Rank 7 empty my gun and kill nearly anything whenever I want to… remove this or add some ridiculous aim penalty.

Dash is way to powerful. Give a turn CD, use AP, as well, or another drastic aim penalty debuff for using it. Could even make it possible to trip and drop items. Basically as it stand this single ability is used by everyone and makes you almost want to cross train everyone as assault just for this ability.

Enemies, love to see a lot more of them. As in many different types. The mutate idea is cool, but it just feels like old school nintendo where the new version bad guy changed color.

The aim system is cool, sadly inconsistent when dealing with cover. I look at those lines pointing to bad guys as more that they can see me than I can see them. I know I can shoot outside of cover and then move into cover, but sometimes we have to make the choice of left or right and we are stuck staring a wall while we can over watch and our guy peaks right out to shoot.

Those are the biggest problems I have with the game so far. Who knows maybe all the DLC will fix some of this… but I do believe you owe us all some free DLC that is substantial since we basically bought a game that is lacking in many areas for full price. Then pay for the other half of the game over the next year… I got the season pass, and honestly right now it feels like I just gave you a 40$ loan so you can fund the rest of your game. Fairly upset about what we’ve got right now, but I’ve got faith you can fix this thing up.

I’m not 100% upset about this, it does have a solid foundation. Just love to see that polish. Ohh and character customization… that is abysmal, I honestly don’t know what you were thinking releasing it with that. Post apocalyptic world everyone looks the same, even their faces.

If you remove things like the “Empty the Mag into the Crab” … you remove 90% of the options to win Lategame I feel… simply “remove” or massivly “weaken” skills is not an solution… the whole system would need a rework.

This is the major issue i have with the game. Its not like some skills are for min/max purposes but that some are outright necessary to stand any kind of chance.

I know i know this is not xcom but the perk system in xcom mostly had viable choices on each tier, of course there was a build for every class that was just a bit better than another. But you could make any build work in the long run.

Yeah, that does feel like the real issue. Assaults do basically nothing with armor upgrades. So you are forced to use that combo. I’ll be honest I don’t think any of us have huge amounts of experience with the game yet, but it still looks like minimal options. Tons of choices, they just don’t work well enough. Maybe with the DLC we’ll get some more weapons and that’ll fix some of it. More armor shred options would be good too. Melee weapons seem like a huge risk with very minimal rewards. Honestly with the melee just making them 1 AP would help considerably. Still more experience to see what we can make of it.

With melee specifically, honestly I think just using the system from Firaxcom 2 where you could move and attack with the same action would help a lot- say spend 2ap to attack anything you can reach with 1ap worth of movement or something similar.

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