Comment on OP comments

Saw a few posts about things being OP…skills etc

I’ve compared skills to skills in a post and think we can say skills in one tree are not as useful as skills in another. What we can’t do at the moment is say anything is OP. We are only playing with a limited set of the aliens, I am presuming there are a “few” more powerful enemies we haven’t a clue about, if not, I doubt interest level is going to be sustained for long after release. So maybe on release day when the people are getting squad wiped every other mission then things might not seem OP.

Sure we’ll get a balance update pretty soon after the release date if things are out of whack.


Some skills look OP in a VERY specific scenario, eg I just killed four aliens with a single mind crush, so as a result I got all WP back and the rest of enemies went into panic straight away, so I got next turn to reposition myself. but ofc it was doable only because I weaken them with my GL… the same situation with berserker/assault combo, when you reduce the cost to 1AP, get 2AP back from a kill, you can kill 3-4 enemies if they are close without a problem. but again… you have to meet some conditions.
I love dash. seriously. I can’t imagine playing heavy without dash. but I think as soon as we will see larger maps it stop being OP. just wait for it

I found dash on the heavy to not be as good since he moves slowly.
However, if you have a heavy with “shotgun proficiency” you should really dual class to sniper. This way you can:

  1. Jetpack close to an enemy
  2. Use quick aim
  3. Shotgun in your face

Since “body slam” cannot deal lots of damage now, I found shotgun to be nice (or pistol if not much life left)

btw… I wouldn’t consider this as OP. “Jetpack” costs 2 WP and 3 AP, “dash” costs 3WP no AP.

just killed something like 10 crabs and two chirons on my first turn with berserker/assault build. OK this is imba.
looks like THE ONLY and LAST alien I can’t kill is a crabman standing on the roof without a ladder. :confused:

Yes, BUT dash is sometimes the only option to launch two grenades after repositioning or adjusting your position to shoot with cannon (because of an obstacle)

How do you launch two grenades ? By hand ?

heavy with goliath GL and Boom Blast ability

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Oh yeah, forgot about this one. Isn’t it 5 WP (don’t have access to the game right now) ?

I would hope devs have enough confidence to take any feedback and sift it through their own data and knowledge. If previous projects tought me anything, data they get from metrics tells them more about balance, while posts about perception. In addition, as it is still pre-release content devs are most likely fully aware of how unbalanced things still are.

That said, it is a great opportunity for backers to break the system before release. Letting devs know verbally about things that might be way too OP or UP won’t hurt.


Yes, BB is 5WP

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Snapshot being Snapshot I’m sure that they’ll be monitoring the perks, weapons, and strategies that we’re using with a view to nerfing those that people tend towards using the most.

better now, than on ‘day 3’ and starting a huge rant :slight_smile:

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Quick aim + jetpack work only if you not put to much point in speed. However if you had it more than 25 points in speed dash in most scenarios can go much far way than just jumping. And can dash few times if had it any willpower left, jump you can use “once” per round.

Still heavy/assault are better combination than heavy/sniper.

Well I haven’t tried the heavy/sniper anyway because my heavy doesn’t have the necessary proficiency. But I was just thinking that it would be very satisfying. I do put lots of points in speed.

Both are situational. Main benefit that I get from heavy is not heavy armor but ability to Rage Burst, it sadly doesn’t work with GL but does work on sniper rifle and hell cannon. Carrying extra clip is worth of being able to apha strike Chirons or Sirenas with just one of your guys - sniper with a Rage Burst. The other use is a double shot with GL using QA + BB for extra fun. Granted, Dash is more versatile in regards to positioning and getting out of trouble + return fire is absolutely neat on sniper. For this reason you can do a nice mix. Like two guys that can jetpak. One is H/S with GL and shotgun, which gives him 2 GL or 3 shotgun shots just from Quick Aim (rage burst doesn’t seam to fumble), can replace it with a heavy pistol to make sure he doesn’t fumble, but it’s a side arm anyway. Another is H/A with with the same weapons but ability to Dash into better position or MG/Hellcannon as these require good position to be effective. In both cases you get Rage Burst that super useful to kill something quick or damage whole bunch of enemies - try rage burst with hell cannon or shotgun into a crowd + you can add a Quick Aim on top of that for extra hilarity as it stacks and shotgun pellets can stay grouped for 200+ meters.
You can do reverse as well, as in S/H that is able to Rage Burst or just use hellcannon with all accuracy bonuses he gets from armor. I tend to see less and less effect from Return Fire on sniper if we are not fighting in confined area. Absents of Dash just ends to split squad into two groups, one is more mobile than the other but other has more firepower.