Venom Torso needs a buff

Those spikes seem rather useless. Incredibly short range and only 40 poison damage in exchange for not being able to use 2 handed weapons anymore. 40 poison damage amounts to 40+30+20+10 … 100 damage over the cause of 4 rounds. 1) pretty much any weapon does more damage and 2) most battles are over after 4 rounds at most.

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Last buff is still not enough. Please try again ! :slight_smile: I love the idea behind organic weapons, but this just does not work. If the torso had at least some other redeeming quality like stealth so that you can actually get as close as you need to get for that melee range weapon … It could then actually be a alternative to those poison crossbows that are almost out of ammo before you even get to the battle field …


No ?