Vehicle Gun Ammo

It might be unneeded to mention this, as the game is still in Pre-Alpha and I’m guessing it’s probably a nobrainer this will be included in the ammo/gun crates, but I think it would kinda nice if there’s also some Vehicle Gun Ammo to be found.

I’m aware that the gun is crazy strong, but then again, the car in itself is crazy strong and almost feels kinda game-breaking. That being said, I’m sure the devs will balance the car vs the enemies properly among the way and perhaps only allow the car on certain huge maps with loads of enemies, on which finding some extra vehicle gun ammo, might not be an excessive luxury.


Yeah, I think they mentioned that once they balance the game a bit more and give the Pandora creatures some anti-vehicle options (like the Chiron) they’ll allow vehicles to have more ammo to compensate :slight_smile:

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