Two small Idea's to Counter Tediousness

Straight to the point.

A button that re-applies overwatch to the soldier’s you had in overwatch in the Previous turn so long as they haven’t moved and have the Action Points Necessary to do so.

Personally i am sick of having to do EVERY battle… there is Already an Auto-Resolve system in the game for the Ai. I would appreciate such an option for us as well. I have started THREE Campaign’s in this game and have yet to finish… Always get burnt out having to baby-sit my soldiers.

P.s.- I am tired of Topics being raised to ONLY nerf the player… this game’s pacing & Tediousness needs to be addressed first and Formost.


I agree that the mid-game can be and is very tedious. Even more so with LotA.

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I am tired of topics to stop topics about nerfing the player. :wink: Player is too powerful in this game. If someone thinks otherwise it just means that he doesn’t understand advantage that he is having.


That doesn’t say anything about the mid-game, OP or not, it’s just too damn tedious

About the “nerf” there is a better solution, I play with unlimited resources now and while your first reaction is to think this makes it easier, it does now! Let me explain. I am now able to run up to 11 teams (that’s 66 men) and have ALL the 18 bases activated. What this means is that I station the teams around the world and I am able to respond to every single event with the closest team. What this ends up doing is two things, one you very rarely ever get a team to full strength, in fact your lucky if you can scrape together 8 men for the last mission that have reached maximum strength. So what happens is your sending teams that are very weak against ever evolving aliens and it is a real challenge! the second thing that happens is that the AI seems to get a hard on for you and ramps up the difficulty even more. So while I can access everything and build anything (after the research) I am still fielding teams that are way behind in the “power” balance. In fact this way of doing it so much fun I will never play the game again without the unlimited funds. I have been able to play every mission, find every base, make every weapon, do every event and special mission, defend every attack, respond to every nest, lair and citadel and still do not max out my teams. It all depends on how you play it, you just don’t focus on one team, you spread the love. So by the time you reach the last mission you need to cherry pick your best men for the deal from all over the world, it is like real life! So no need to keep “nerfing” the men just play differently!

well, without cheating it is almost not possible to have so many teams operating. So xp is not split so much, and normally you have at least few soldiers which can deal with any threat almost with closed eyes. :wink:

You missed my point, it only works if you have unlimited funding! And yes the XP is split thinly over that many, I am 45% the way through this play through and so far maybe 3 have reached full strength. But this time I am only running 6 teams. So when I go to an event the Aliens are usually way more powerful, so it all depends on how you want to play it! And there is really “no cheats” because it is just another way to play… The only “real” cheat is “God Mode”, that is just a waste of time. But an entire new way of thinking and playing is involved if you allow unlimited resources…:slight_smile:

unlimited resources is a cheat.