Triton stuck when generator destroyed

Hi guys.

First of all, thank you for this awesome game (and quite hard to be honest). I have encounter 1 bug at the moment :

  • Triton : In a rescue mission to defend a haven of the Disciples of Anu, I shot a triton (with a sniper) with pain chameleon ability. Unfortunately, I didn’t deactivate it and the triton ran away. But the problem is that he ran away UNDER the map, so I cannot finish the mission and I’m stuck in it at the moment. I tried to destroy the environment but there is no way I shot him down (neither him). Here is the screenshot :

The generator is destroyed and, as you can see, the triton is under the generator. The only way to fix the bug, is to save and reload the map.

Hope it will help to fix this small bug!


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