Too easy even at maximum difficulty

Bought game lately, completed it 3 times by now… some ideas for Snapshot to think about

Illogical traits, that keep appearing together

Cautios and Reckless appearing at the same time. You can’t be genius and imbecille at the same time, at least I think


If I can see recruit perks in base before hiring, can’t it be revealed with soldier offered by faction? Don’t care much about class specific perks because they are always the same, but offclass pers (3 random) are most valuable to know. It really sucks paying huge some of resources and then finding out my new recruit has completely useless extra perks for his/her main class… just doesn’t feel logic compared to recruiting from Phoenix base.

1-turn missions, does it need nerfing?

ASSAULT + HEAVY class mixed

Rapid Clearance, Dash, Inspire
Brawler + Reckless + MeleePerk = 100% extra dmg = oneshot almost everything (except Sirens, some very heavy 320HP soldiers, some berserkers due to 25% dmg reduction in melee range and large creeps)

Chest augement with 1AP melee cost, leg augement for +3 speed and leap, Marduk’s Fist
Anu Shotgun for 2AP for tougher enemies to do ~600 Dmg

Otional support:
Priest with Frenzy helmet to provide huge boost for running even further
Sometimes one or two extra assaults with Rally Troops trait for extra 1 AP, if you
can’t reach all enemies in chain combined with running/dashing/MardukFisting

Can also use ASSAULT + BERSERKER class chilling 50% HP and running around
with insane speed + extra damage (also immune to MC and taking 25% less dmg,
body parts always enabled… if you pass your turn of course in rare cases)

In my 3rd game I focused on insane dmg soldiers, ultra long range, firing in stealth and that really changes the whole difficulty perspective

SNIPER: reckless + sniper weap talent + infiltrator sneak attack = 155% extra dmg
Pythagoras VII = 120 dmg… 120 x 2.55 = 306 dmg (with quickaim ~ 612 minus armor)

HEAVY: reckless + heavy weap talent + infiltrator sneak attack = 160% extra dmg
Goliath GL-2 = 60 dmg… 6 x 2.6 = 156 dmg (with boomblast = 312dmg minus armor)…
Mark of Death + Rage Burst almost 1-shotted Scylla using heavy cannon

So my snipers can almost 1shot everything and grenadiers with boomblast completely obliterate most of enemies

Steal technology missions

Thats really big problem, because at 10-12% ODI index I had all tech possessed by Synedrion and Anu, two max level squads with full stats and game became boring. You can start endless farming if you have 2 assaults with 12WP and some runspeed to reach 3 destinations in map. Just farmed New Jericho lab some hours… all it takes is 30 seconds to complete mission so this thing needs to be changed (dunno how, make it like escorting scientists or add timers to protect research data downloading, add cooldown to mission etc… atm theres no offence, no overwatches, no interruptions)


Those are called here “First Turn Strikes” (FTS) and build that lead to them “Terminator Builds” (TB). TB will be nerfed with next patch, so probably FTS will be also impossible.

Of course devs still think that it should be possible to eliminate one or two most dangerous enemies in the first turn (I don’t like it, but well… it is not my game). :slight_smile: