To Julian: Take your time

Just watched the video @JulianG posted to backers, the one about the release date being pushed back. As the announcement thread itself is locked, I want to quickly respond to that address here.

Dear @JulianG and the rest of the team: take your time. If realising the goals you have in mind for PP and taking the full advantage of the talents you hired requires more time that you originally planned, by all means, use it. I backed this project and I still have full confidence in your ability to deliver; I’m sure I’m not the only one here who does.

I have seen enough half-baked games being forcefully released to meet announced deadlines to understand how detrimental that might be to the game’s success. I even have some first-hand experience with software projects being rushed to meet deadlines, I know how much of a negative effect such rushes have on the team and, as a result, the quality of the end product.

And while I am speaking only for myself, I am sure many others here will have as similar opinion.

Take your time, guys.


What some people don’t understand is that most AAA publishers rush deadlines not because they don’t want to make their potential customers wait more, but because it costs money. The Q4 2018 deadline was way too optimistic considering the scope of the game, and delaying when they know they can’t meet it shows dedication to bring a quality game from the studio.

I welcome this delay. I think most of us prefer to wait a bit more than having a broken game fast.


I welcome it as well - I’m really glad that you guys are keeping communications open and letting us know about this stuff! No AAA publishers would do that - so kudos to you!

Make the best game you can - for your own sake but also for our sake!


Well I mean the devs of Duke Nukem Forever had no problem (repeatedly) pushing back its release date. Not that I didn’t have fun in that amazingly politically incorrect game but I also wasn’t really waiting for it to release.

Though really, I’m fine with the release date getting pushed back if it means we get a quality product. Something else to realize is the size of the staff on most AAA games makes it easier to get a lot of work done and potentially move people around once they finish their primary portion of the game (or on to DLC if not helping with the unfinished portions of the game).

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I wish I had put in a bet… I was just thinking the other day that the game looks awesome but with only having 6 months left to get it done, it may not be the best it could be…and hoped for a Q3 2019 release to get it polished >.<

I’m all for it, there are plenty of ‘not-quite-there’ games around. I don’t want this to be another one when it has the potential to be something really special.

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Mr. Gallop announced they’ll delay 'till mid 2019 and it’s great news.

As a Backer of Star Citizen, pushed back release dates are something I’ve come to expect. Of course, I’m also a fan of the writings of George R R Martin, Robert Jordan, and Patrick Rothfuss - so this may be something of an insight into myself as a person.

Regardless, I appreciate the update, am in no way surprised, and greatly appreciate the commitment to keep releasing backer builds in the interim. At least here, I don’t fall thru the floor of a Spaceship that USED to work with the original alpha builds, has been broken for two years, and is due to be fixed in December - if it doesn’t get pushed back again…


A OK with this development, i would be lying if i said i wasn’t sad but im glad since i want this game to be good, and do good. they also told up upfront instead of pushing it back days before release which is a bonus just don’t stop giving information about the game.


Take your time to make Phoenix Point a worthy successor of the original X-COM franchise.


@Aknazer Duke was a different story. To begin with all the salaries of the studio working on the game were being paid by a publisher (TakeTwo Interactive). It was delayed because it had a troubled development. It was constantly cancelled and retaken by 3D Realms until it was finally finished by Gearbox. It is worth mentioning that 3D Realms was sued by their publisher for not finishing the game in over a decade.

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I’m glad of this decision. We must wait much longer but this game is worth it :slightly_smiling_face:


I also share the same opinion that other users here.
I would like that Phoenix Point will be the best game that snapshot can create, even if I have to wait a bit more for it.

The news about the delay can be a disappointment for some of the users (something that I completely understand) but I prefer to wait that extra time and have a polished product than a rushed one.

Also thanks and kudos to @JulianG to directly and personally address this announcement, not only posting a message here in the forums but also sending and email.
Open and honest communication with your community/customers is something good in my book :+1:


+1 I’d much rather wait longer for a game that you’re happy with upon release.


I feel your game - I started reading Game of Thrones when it was originally released in 1996… my word!

I’m not even going to start on Robert Jordan, let’s just say that I am very glad for the existence of the machine that is Brandon Sanderson as a literary counter balance.


:wink: My copy of Wheel of TIme is a publisher’s Advance Reading Copy. I was “lucky” to discover Martin after the third book was out. Do you read Scott Lynch? I fear he’s headed in the direction of the others.

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Yeah, and I really really liked his first 3 books. Since WoT I’d sworn that I would only ever buy full series (I made the mistake of thinking that Scott Lynch had written a trilogy). It seems like he’s battling against a few issues though, so to that end I’ll be as patient as it takes., I just imagine that he’s going through a tough time, and I hope, for him, that he gets through it.


This get my vote - take your time, release when ready. The constant stream of backer releases is VERY welcome, and allows us not only the chance to play with it a bit, but also to give you feedback.


To add onto that, there is also pressure from investors who get fidgety and want returns on their investment now and don’t want to spend more than they already have. Publishers rush it to save money because even a month of paying 12 people is what a good $60,000-150,000 and big but games normally have more people working then that, so a 2-3 month delay can easily cost over a million to “AAA” publishers and you have to compare money lost due to delays and money lost due to bugs causing lost sales and pick what costs you less. And investors put pressure on the publisher because they want their returns and couldn’t care less if it screws over the devs or publishers name because they are just investors and not part of the company.

This post is amazing, Nicely said and I couldn’t agree more. There has been too many games where AAA companies have pushed it out before it’s finished (Sea of Thieves LuL), But then you see great games like the latest God of War where Santa Monica had 5 years, Full reign, and had the attitude of “we’ll release it when we feel it’s ready.”

I too hope that Julian, and the rest of the Dev team working on Phoenix Point will also approach this project with the same concept. As long as there is progress, Why would anyone up in head office mind if it’s going to be delayed?

Keep up the good work Devs, Remain Vigilant in your goal, and Remember to be with your families as much as you are able, Crunch time and 90 hours a week is insane and unfair to force on devs.

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Take your time, Julian & crew. This game deserves all the time and care in the world to be as good as it deserves to be.