Timed Mission Problem

"The times mission XXXXX (was Overrun and in another game Undefendable.) has expired. No further actions regarding it are possible.

I completed both of the missions in both games with days and days before they expired. The first time it was 4 days left to go and the second it was 7 days left to go.

I did report the first time via the bug tool.

but I wanted to see if anyone has gotten this as well.


and FYI - times is how it is misspelled in the popup message, not MY spelling error.

Yeah got both these issues too. There’s a ticket on canny about this also, but the user that reported it got it worse, it seems in his case he could not do the mission.

yeah, that was my concern too - that it would escalate.

I canned both games when it popped up.

Guess I’ll wait until the 1.7.x patch comes out to give it another go.

It seems to be working alright in my case, I just got the messages that I shouldn’t have got. The next missions appeared without problem and also showed the expired message even though I did them.

oh well that’s good to know…guess I shouldn’t have wiped my games haha