This game is awful I wish I never bought it

There is more about AR here. As the enemies mutate faster, even I got Bulldog as you said T2, it’s mostly useless. If we got Piranha as T2 and another AR as T3, maybe it could help a bit more… still need more acc…

At openXcom, there are very nice modding options like that. There are so much that you burn your brain when you try to calculate everything and balance them. I even made a excel sheet to calculate those… Even there was options to lose damage per range… it’s crazy. So everything based about your armor code rather then damage. Still a perk should not make your weapon hit harder… like stupid fallout 4 perks… You can solve this different kind of ammunition.

As we talk about armor, we got different kind of weapons with different purposes. For example we got grenades but they are mostly useless because you mostly prefer to shot rather then throw a grenade. It’s slow, it’s expensive… you got many enemies to handle so… For that reason, I think grenade throwing could use 1 TP… so you can just grenade and continue to shoot… I talk about faster assaults… do everything fast… same for enemies too.

AI can act much better as you can give them time. For example, enemies with weapons or skills which needs 3 TP, act really bad… Did you ever fear against a heavy NJ soldier without mounts? They never could use their minigun to me… because they jetpack somewhere and die there… they can’t even move… they can’t fire because they need to calculate LoS and cover… This won’t save a bad AI for sure but it helps a lot…

If we return to armor, we know that it’s not well. You hit by melee, you are done, you hit by explosion, you are done, you risk yourself from a ranged enemy, you are done… sniper shoot you, you are done… I do not fear much when enemy got AR’s (mid-long range), pistols (even they hit hard), miniguns (as AI can’t find a time to shoot it)… and you got 2-3 hit chance from those… then you are done again… you lost limbs or %75 hp… even you got heavy armor, enemy will choose the less armor one so nothing changes… There should be some armor types just neglects all damage like a energy shield… I should survive at least 1-2 bullet or melee strikes…

To be honest, if the damage you done is so less then it’s useless, hitting or not… does not change anything. If a weapon does not inflict damage, nothing is important. Even with a AR with 60 damage per bullet and you hit the head with 120+ hp and armor… so what? I can make you the pinpoint AR rifle and you use all TP to shot that bullet on the point… then it made 60 dmg… what is the point?

Terror From the Deep used to throw lobster men at you while you still had the harpoon guns… nasty.

Some missions in PP can’t be won. The trick is to recognize when you’ve come to the party with the wrong team/weapons and get out of dodge. Not all Havens can be protected and you have to let some go - that’s the game mechanic.

If you are finding it hard then try using vehicles to ferry troops around. They will save you from WP issues and mind control.

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For instance killing wounded enemies that are far away, or give the bit of damage that is necessary to disable the Sirens head at mid range, because my Sniper wasn’t able to do that with his hit. And plenty of other situations where i found this would be a nice choice to have. Choices are never wrong for me. Of course, the most effective mode would still be the ‘normal’ 2AP burst shot.

Heh… just burst them and a bullet probably hit if the enemy is already that badly wounded. I think those are a bit forced situations. :wink:

In the head of a Siren at longer range? Good luck then even with a Daimos :stuck_out_tongue:

A Siren with only a damaged and not disabled head still has plenty of HP (around 300) that you can’t get down with one AR burst.

At old xcoms, you could lose your team and buy new ones, can give them gear and send… here at new xcom types, they are more wanna be rpg and as it goes rpg, your soldiers are important as you use them. You just can’t do that at PP… with all the soldiers and gears lost, you are done. BUT it’s hard to lose your squad too… the game is not hard at that point… the problem is some ways are OP and same ways are useless. So you can create terminators who can win everything… but we don’t want to have it…

That lobstermen just does not wanna die even with gauss weapons… real horror… real…

If you are at a situation like that, you already start to pray to Bad AI Gods :slight_smile:

Never mind, it seems to me that I can list what ever situations I got, you have an answer to that.
It is OK, I do this also sometimes, but simply accept that I personally would like to have such choices and I’m pretty sure that I also would have enough situations where I can use them for good effort.

I am just joking. I am not a dev or anything. You can want whatever you want. But in a game, you can’t find all the options… I would like to have 4 different minigun shooting option like at every TP you spend you shoot more and more… Like RB but not as a lvl 7 skill but normal weapon use… like 1 TP 5 bullet, 2 TP 12 bullet, 3 TP 20 bullet, 4 TP 30 bullet… but then I ask myself that, is it worth time for the game devs? Probably not… maybe they can make this happen by modding then we can just go wild…

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One thing really hurts me about this different shot types: It was in the original and I had highly hopes it would found its way to PP, but it doesn’t … #feelsbadman:smiley:

Same thing when I noticed there is no different type of ammunition… even frax xcom got it somehow…


Well, let’s look at how MadSkunky AR (MS AR for short, unless you have a better name in mind :slightly_smiling_face:) performs against 20 armor:



Deimos: (30-20+30-19+30-18+30-17+30-16+30-15) = 75


Piranha: 4(40+15-20) = 140

Actually, not bad. Piranha does more damage but it’s less accurate than MS AR, other ARs remain useful because shred and/or accuracy.

AFAIK different types of ammunition that you can change during the battle is not on the table atmo, but there is a ticket on Canny under review for modding weapons before each mission as in XCom 2 (which allows giving them different munitions).

Are you sure that weapon modding will make you able to use different ammo at all? It’s different then weapon mod. X-Com 2, it was just a special slot to edit your default ammo.

As I am working on modding, the game has not an “ammo” code. It’s sad. I mean the damage code is inside the weapon. So weapon’s got one fire mod and one ammo as all coded inside “weapon”. This is problem. They should not code this with this way. They should have “ammo” code which got all the damage info inside that, same for shot types but probably they never wanted to have that in first place.

I have actually found that this is not true on Legend difficulty (now at least, along with all the updates and balance changes made to the game). 44 soldiers, 10 aircraft, 16 vehicles, 4th week of February now at the end of the game. Losing any soldier wouldn’t be a big deal by this point, or at any point leading up to this point.

  1. 7 training facilities in a base (not strictly 7, but more = better, and use other bases for other purposes. you can have more than one base like this as well) + NJ research if avail = max lvl soldiers within a day or 2, a training base. Only bring lvl7 soldiers on missions once at this stage of the game (usually mid January), lvl7 is the new lvl1. Mission SP is the new XP and gaining of levels.
  2. Helios to transfer soldiers to where they need to be in the world quickly once they’re done their training, or just load them up on the newly created/stolen aircraft.
  3. Utilize your early soldiers as “Captains” or leaders that end up leading the other teams on the field (the ones who don’t die), focus on keeping them alive. Spend general SP points more heavily in your “Captain” units
  4. Put lvl7 rookies at the front more.
  5. Raids provide easier missions to gain SP and materials to outfit extra soldiers and build/steal extra craft (may be required, not entirely sure… trading+missions+searching may suffice)

5 SP per mission on Legend isn’t a lot, and these “lvl7 rookies” often only have a handful of points distributed into a variety of stats and maybe two useful talents chosen. Some basic gear is given to them and they have a strict purpose as a pawn. Those “captains” tend to have slightly more stats and are designed to compliment each other in the end-game, cross-classed, and have all the useful talents for their builds. Makes for a pretty neat game. Losing one of 10 squads (even if it includes a Captain) isn’t a huge loss.

From my experience I find that Team composition is more important than soldier stats and the amount of SP invested. A basic level 7 soldier with Onslaught can be used to boost that captain to do ridiculous things (infiltrator/assault Rapid Clearance/+dmg talents with a Shardgun and 25 speed for example) against the hardest Pandoran threats (except maybe the Umbra strains, those present unique threats that one must be wary of -thumbs up-).

For an example on the other end, a Basic level 7 Heavy with Boom blast + Reckless + Strongman and just enough Willpower + Strength to wield a full set of armor, a grenade launcher and a flamethrower + laser array makes for a real useful tool on nearly any squad that can both sit in cover and launch grenades each turn, or be loaded into a vehicle and dropped out for a flamethrower attack during a hit and run, or jump from location to location and ripping enemies apart with that very powerful laser, or a mixture of all 3 on any mission! That’s from a soldier who has ideal talents maybe, but even with less than ideal talents you can make do and strongman+reckless aren’t even that necessary as they really just tear off limbs instead of only shredding the targets, but that that often doesn’t matter because whatever you follow up with will often end up killing the targets regardless… This soldier can easily be replaced, given that they were created in maybe one or two days and don’t depend on any overpowered talent combination or SP investment.

Losing all the captains (who are in charge of different teams, so losing all those missions) just seems like I’d deserve to lose the campaign…

If I remember correctly, the vibroblades on them acted like a knife through butter though.

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You play style looks like a bit unique. I can’t imagine to have so many soldiers and aircrafts… 16 vehicles? When did you manufacture them? With what resources? Did you make non-stop raids… this needs patience and time…

Yes, that’s what I mean. If it is implemented, you would be able to mod the weapon so it uses a different munition during that mission, just as it works in Xcom2.

No so good solution… you can’t act for different situation inside the battle. At X-com 2 as i remember, they were buffs… like +2 damage to robotic units… now you can’t have just acid bullets for armor and normal ones for default…

I just made AR’s dmg better with 50-60 and give them %20 about acc, made 1 TP 3 shot bursts… they look very cool… go in then shoot type…

I rush to ensure I get a second aircraft on week 2 by any means necessary, as well as trying to get my fabricators/research to at least 3 of each. I restrict myself to raiding a haven only once every few days, and I don’t really keep track but instead just kind of fly around the region picking on one haven after another until I end up in a loop while also defending havens, clearing nests, doing small missions and searching the (?) sites. I tend to do full raids (15/15 crates) within this period.

By week 3 I want to be close to 6 of each facility and a training base with at least 4 training centers.

By week 4-5, I get up to 4 teams and then begin to slack and only do 3/15 raids to save stamina/time while still getting resources+SP (+ all the other missions, with story taking priority) as well as the fact that Manufacturing still takes time. So I only care for as many resources as I need for the next project in the works (usually about 2 days worth of projects lined up). I’ve always assumed that adding more fabs/labs beyond 6 just didn’t give enough of a benefit at this point to really warrant building more… but that’s still possible and will shorten overall game time slightly I think if more labs are built. 6-7 fabs seem fine though where vehicles complete in a day and aircraft complete in 2 days. That feels good enough for me and I’m not too rushed to get the resources needed for another project.

By Mid-February it was clear that I had exceeded what was necessary to survive losses and that the end of the game grew close, so I just decided to leave my aircraft stationed on all of the LoA sites for infinite resource gain, only bothering to defend nearby NJ/Syn Havens and Phoenix bases while jumping from final mission to final mission.

Armor can be recovered from corpses along with all their gear, so soldiers dying isn’t a huge loss as far as fabrication goes.

The only reason I pump out 16 vehicles (at a rate of 2 vehicles per aircraft starting at roughly the 4th aircraft) is so I can quickly exchange them at my bases. When I do a rush job with a mostly rookie team, the Scarab may end up at 20% hp. Well, instead of waiting for it to be repaired, I fly to a nearby base and trade it in for a new Scarab while the old one gets repaired and continue doing missions/raids/exploring (and heal soldiers in combat more than at a base). I try to make use of whatever I scavenge as well, and don’t necessarily take outdated weapons like the assault rifle out of commission (and instead just put them on lvl7 rookies who have a talent for assault rifles, so they still feel useful).

I focus only on one ally and centering my team compositions around their strengths (fire and explosions, vehicles and technicians for NJ as an example), finding that all the rest of the technology isn’t necessary for the most part… but because of the way diplomacy works, I tend to get a second ally anyway (so I self restrict at 74% for no ability to help their research because I really don’t like that - so I got mist repellers pretty late but it didn’t matter).

Time between missions is often less than 6 hours, but rarely can be an entire day or 3 separate teams in 3 separate missions all within the same hour, and this stays relatively true all throughout the game as I grow, because even though I can do more, I don’t want to nor seemingly have to.

Occasionally I’ll combine teams in a region and take their best members to tackle harder missions (LoA or Citadels for example). Some teams are specifically designed for raiding/stealing (fast and easy as possible) and at least one team is designed for capturing and containing. Every team possesses a capability of quickly clearing a Lair (fire is my favorite here), a nest or raids (Scarabs are handy), defending a haven (well balanced team, one sniper type, one assault type, one heavy type + strengths offsetting weaknesses) despite not being particularly strong or overpowered in any way. My “captains” often end up 2 in a Thunderbird (other times in a Manticore or sitting in a base waiting), of which I construct at a ratio of 1 for every 2 Manticore and they get Armadillos + a Technician but the composition otherwise remains similar, and these are usually spread out across the globe being assisted by the more rookie Scarab teams as needed.

A Helios is used to transfer soldiers to bases once “retired” (older less-desirable soldiers who I’d rather replace with a newer recruit, stashed in a base to defend it just-in-case) or to quickly move the Capture and Contain team to a site to assist the Thunderbird on the Scylla hunting mission (or for hunting food in general which is more of a thing I had planned for a Synedrion-heavy playthrough).

Throughout the most recent campaign, I’d lost a total of 5 soldiers, one of which was on the very first mission. Admittedly I’d reloaded at least 7 or 8 times, most often because I misclicked, but a few times because I lost someone in a way that I just wasn’t okay with or didn’t seem possible until it happened.

I lost part of two squads on a defense mission in the 3rd week of February. I didn’t have to, I could’ve evacuated after losing my one soldier, but I decided to play it out to see if it were possible to make do even with extreme casualities. It was a complete loss, and I reloaded simply because I was being unusually rash knowing I could reload. After reloading the save, I looked over the soldiers that I’d lost and said to myself “Hm… I guess I didn’t really need to do that. These guys don’t matter.” Just kind of a habit I guess, or maybe it was because I knew I was being rash instead of careful.

Anyway, I hope I’m still able to make the point that soldier losses can be mitigated through in-game mechanics and careful preparation and planning.

Bonus Notes:

  • Rage burst + Deceptor machine gun was super-handy vs the Scylla (especially capturing) and even wrecked 3 Pure in one funny case
  • Onslaught is a pretty useful talent for weak units boosting strong units or creating “tag-team” situations where one unit’s strengths are more useful this turn than the other’s, so you trade your AP to it.
  • None of the Anu tech or units are necessary to progress or be successful within the game