The Schism mission not loading

So for the mission The Schism which I believe is the final anu mission it just simply won’t load. I let it sit for a while and end up having to alt f4 the game. The game isn’t frozen its just not loading the mission. I can do any other mission with no issue after I load back into the game.

Same issue here - Tiamat arrives at location, click on start special mission, get to trooper summary screen which shows 8/9 troopers assigned (glitch?) then does not proceed when Start Mission is selected.

Have reloaded prior games (4 hours prior to arrival at Schism site) but the error continues.


Same issue.

I just encountered this as well. The Deploy Squad button is highlighted, but clicking on the button only resets. This is a game breaker for those wishing to take the Anu path to the endgame.

For the record, most of the late game missions allow 9 units in the squad.

Same here. Mission doesn’t load.

I`m in engame.
I chose Anu as faction and let them build their palace.
Thus I moved 8 soldiers to the palace to trigger the last Anu-faction mission.

When I get to the screen to select my soldiers and trigger the mission start, the starting button is clickable, but that doesn’t result in anything.
Mission won`t load.

Please fix ASAP!
Problem was not there before Leviathan.

This will get fixed in today’s patch.

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There’s a new patch release today?

And as I type this, I can see the game updating. Hope the patch release notes are up soon.

They already are: Hotfix Patch - 1.0.56200 - 13/03/2020

Thank you.