Stuck on loading screen for certain missions

Starting today I’ve encountered loading screens that never complete on certain missions. One for a raid of an energy sector against an Anu haven, and one for a defence of a New Jericho haven against an Anu attack. I never encountered such problems previously. I was able to do a raid against an energy sector against a different Anu haven after the initial one I selected to raid didn’t load… so I’m guessing the problem only occurs on certain maps.

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I have this problem raiding an Anu factory. Saw this in reddit forums and elsewhere. The common thread in all the reports is Anu is involved. Maybe they have a glitched unit or tileset.

Have the same problem. Can’t load raid to Anu…

Have the same Problem with all Anu Bases. Annoying and makes the game unplayable for me right now.

I’m having this problem during the Anu story mission with the Exalted and the Synaed.

Game just hangs indefinitely. I’m unable to progress the story, which is seriously messing up my game.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to dodge that mission for a while, but I’m getting overwhelmed by mist.

I think it may be the Mutog unit that is glitched. I had a couple defenses of Jericho havens against Anu. The tactical battle loaded and I was able to play a couple of turns but as soon as a Mutog shows up as an enemy reinforcement, the game gets stuck indefinitely on the enemy turn.

Pretty much stopping playing until they fix this.

I am stuck on the special mission in loading screen “in the name of father attack Disc of Anu”. I see there is Mutog which is available for Recruit not sure whether it is related.

Yes same issue here, I can’t progress in the game due to this issue, but not only that I can’t even restart the game as EPIC launcher shits it self, and I have to restart the machine

Same issue when trying to defend New Jericho from an Anu attack - game locks up on mission loading screen.