Red Mist areas that are empty and other grow despite alien bases eliminated

So, i am well on top of things but the red areas are spreading, some with nothing in them at all, i.e no bases of any type. What’s going on and despite wiping out all alien bases in others with bases, the red area remains. Puzzled?

Mist area can’t be eliminated or stopped. Maybe in full release there will be some tech to do that, but currently we don’t have it (we don’t have almost any tech to be true). :wink: And I have small hope that the mist will spread in different shapes than the perfect circle - dependant of terrain height, presence of alien bases and Synedrion’s haven tech presence nearby.

Mist doesn’t have to contain any bases to grow. It is general area of worldwide mist influence. Bases are like more concentrated places for enemies, but enemies are everywhere in the mist (and even outside). Btw mist originates from the water, so I suppose mainland alien bases don’t affect it (currently). In other words: bases require mist, mist doesn’t require bases.

PS. Max range of each mist area is something like 3000 km in radius.

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You have encountered a strange artifact known as an alpha build. It currently doesn’t have the systems and mechanics required to effect the mist. :slight_smile: Maybe bb4 will have something, but I wouldn’t really expect it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see any of thst sort of thing until beta/release.