The fumbled mechanic

How are you others finding the ‘fumbled’ mechanic?

I like the idea that it gives a reason NOT to change your weapons from the soldiers trained class. There needs to be some sort of down side to mixing weapons and this one makes sense. If the soldier is not good with the weapon, mistakes and/or accuracy could be a effected.

HOWEVER, at the moment the percentage to occur seems way over cooked. I had 2 soldiers who burnt through their ammo at the same time. I had just changed them both to Firecats so not their preferred weapon. I hit reload on both… they both fumbled… :man_facepalming: next round both fumbled AGAIN! :rage: then in the third turn they fumbled AGAIN!!!

So I had 2 guys could not load their grenade launchers for 3 whole turns!!! Not sure if it is just a coincidence or programming that they both failed for 3 turns and on the forth were both successful.

Either way, they are probably just getting the balance right and trying it out during this test. At the moment it is WAY too much! It is a great idea but needs to happen once or twice to remind us this is why you don’t change primary weapons. Not 6 times in 3 turns, to the point you want to get another solider to reload the window lickers weapons for them! :smiley:

Interesting. It never happened to me during reload action, only during overwatch or return fire. Maybe I don’t reload too often. :wink: From the way you describe it, it looks really annoying and might be subject to change. But remember, Grenade Launcher magazines are big and cumbersome so reloading for 4 turns may be exactly what they need. :slightly_smiling_face:

They reload first time every time with one of the better soldiers I was running in my ‘A team’. I found a new Manticore so loaded it up with a bunch of red shirts (‘Z team’) to protect that area of the globe.

I was putting it down to either being a noob soldier using a non-preferred weapon or the latest patch that I just downloaded this morning.

It might even be just I was insanely unlucky with 6 reloads in a row and got 6 low RNG rolls.

I vary rarely reload with the ‘A team’ but have since reloaded the same weapon a few times just to test and it has worked first try every time. The real test will be the next run with the red shirts. I will try a few deliberate reloads and see if the fumble again.

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The fumble chance is 25%, so either you were very unlucky, or there is a bug. We will investigate.

for me there is always that one soldier who FUMBLES at OVERWATCH
why did they even accept him into the force? oh, well, alien attack, everyone is needed, i guess.

25% I might’ve just been REALLY unlucky. It hasn’t happened since, I just get the once or twice fumbles.

Does that 25% decrease the more the soldier uses that weapon type, or does the 25% persist regardless of usage.

Keep up the awesome work Julian! :+1:

You mix weapons too much with different classes. :wink:

Ok so as the mechanic has it’s own topic I will paste current proficiencies here:

Looks like that Fumble mechanics is related to those skills:

  • overwatch
  • return fire (each try of fire),
  • reload
    weapons not using those skills should not be affected. Others are for specific class:
  • NJ Machine Gun - Heavy
  • NJ Assault Rifle - Assault
  • NJ Defender - Technician
  • NJ Sniper Rifle - Sniper
  • NJ Pistol - Sniper
  • PX Pistol - Sniper
  • PX Shotgun - Assault
  • PX Grenade Launcher - Heavy

Whoah, I haven’t noticed a Fumble mechanic. What is it? :o

25% chance that soldier not proficient with particular weapon will have unsuccessful (won’t do something and will waste action points) reload, overwatch or return fire.

If you kit out one of your soldiers with a weapon not from its own class you have a chance they will ‘fumble’ when trying to use it.

Yeah, I just got my first “fumble” earlier tonight. It’s interesting, though I think that much RNG would really irritate people. I would either have TU penalties, or allow a skill that would permit soldiers to use weapons outside of their class without the fumble penalty, at the price of skill points/AP/whatever that could have gone towards more useful skills.

That is why there will be multi-class system. If you want your soldier to use machine gun and sniper rifle at the same time without penalties you will need to train him as heavy and as sniper

BTW. I would also prefer some penalty to aim and TU instead of Done / Not done lottery.

personally I’d like the fumbled mechanic to be a penalty to aim and increased TU costs to fire, reload, etc that scale to the amount of WP a soldier has remaining, ie the more tired and stressed a soldier is, the harder they have to work to use a weapon they are unfamiliar with.

Maybe if WP is 2 or lower, or they don’t have enough TUs then it could have a chance to fail. A failure on reloading could be dropping the mag on the ground.

I think the idea is really good, something different from the usual suspects AND it makes sense. Someone brand new and untrained on a weapon might, in a panic situation, might make mistakes.

I guess the original problem was, I got so many low RNG rolls in a row, it was almost mission breaking.

  • If the soldier had it happen once per mission.
  • It started at 25% chance but dropped off with every mission played with that weapon.
  • Or the the chance to fumble dropped with every kill.

There are plenty of ways they can include this idea in the game and I am sure they will. Just needs to be smoothed out a little.