"The Crystal Crossbow" mission not added to Geoscape

After completing the mission “The Scorpion” from the Legend of the Ancients DLC, the end-of-mission report says the mission site for “The Crystal Crossbow” is added to the Geoscape. However, it isn’t.

  • The mission is added as an objective, but without the magnifying glass next to it to jump to the mission. The mission also isn’t clickable (like missions with the magnifying glass are)
  • Manually searching the globe shows no site on the Geoscape with the orange circle around it to indicate a mission is present there.
  • I have activated every base, fully scanned the entire area around them (including the 25% range boost), visited every haven, and explored every site.
  • I have reloaded a save from multiple missions before doing the “Scorpion” mission, and replayed them all. At end of “Scorpion”, the mission site for “The Crystal Crossbow” is never added.

So either I am really missing something, or somehow there was a bug with adding the mission site to the Geoscape. I really hope there is some sort of fix for this, because I use infiltrators and melee units a lot, so I really want those ancient weapons :frowning:

Have you explored every Point of interest (POI) before this issue?

I ask because there was a similar bug with the last Scyther mission and I also have it with different missions. Here the link, I wrote my workaround, though it would probably not help you in your situation when you have no save with some POIs left over:

Make ingame a F10 report if not already done so the devs get your save with all they need to replicate your problem.

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Thanks for your reply! I had indeed explored every POI at that point. I went back, and the site for the Scorpion mission (the one before the Crystal Crossbow) was indeed at the last unexplored site on the map. So I think your assumption may be correct! Sadly, I don’t have a recent save with more unexplored sites, so I’ll probably have to choose between carrying on without half of the Ancient Weapons, or lose a lot of progress :cry:

I did already use the in-game F10 reporting feature to report this, but since I never got a reply and am anxious for a fix I decided to post it here as well.

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Yeah, if you already explored every single site the mission has nowhere to spawn. We will fix it in the next patch by making the sites reusable so you cannot run out of them.


@Valygar Thanks for your response! It’s good to hear that this is (at least by now) a known issue and that there will soon™ be a fix. My remaining questions would be:

  1. Is there any indication of when the next patch might be released? I promise not to hold you to any answer you give here, but it’d be nice to know just a ballpark estimate of weeks or months.
  2. If it is fixed in the next patch, would the fix also affect savegames where the mission has already failed to spawn? Or would it still require to either start a new campaign or load a save from before the error occurred?

PS: I understand you might not be able to answer either one of these questions, but I just wanted to ask them regardless.

  1. weeks (let’s say the first half of February)
  2. I do not think that it will fix the situations when the mission has already failed to spawn.

Thank you for your support. This game has great potential, please keep the good work.