Objective missions not appearing on Geoscape

I know this problem has been reported before but I am going to report and also hope there is a solution.

Playing the current DLC2 update. I have two missions that appear in the Objectives list but cannot be located on the Geoscape. Clicking on the objectives does nothing (normally would auto-rotate Geoscape to show the mission). The two missions in question are:

  • Project Vulture
  • The Crystal Crossbow

In particular, I would note that at one point I was able to locate the “The Crystal Crossbow” mission on the Geoscape (west africa i think). However it ‘disappeared’ before I was able to execute it - so maybe by generating other new objective missions I somehow “overwrote” this one?

I have searched online and cannot find a solution. I think issues such as these are a good reason to re-enable the console to allow players to complete such ‘missing missions’.

Otherwise, enjoying the DLC!

Wait you can click on them? I did know about diplomacy screen locating them but…

…I always just found them manually. Very very slowly and manually. Project Vulture for me was in new zealand I think xP